UK Soca Scene Fete Guide: 1st Nov – 2nd Nov 2013

Clocks have gone back, we survived the “great storm of 2013” and the cold is setting in. However, for all who celebrate it, Halloween is still upon us. For those who don’t, we still have and will always have soca!

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This is what UKSS did last week..

Busspepper: Night Of The Walking Dread – Saturday 26th October

What a sight that was on display last night. Some fetters really got into the Halloween spirit and dress up way past recognition.

As with all Busspeppers, the vibes were great. Special guest DJ Private Ryan played an amazing set, expertly mixed which touched on most current urban musically genres.


You can see all the pictures from this event here > Busspepper: Night Of The Walking Dread



What Is Going On This Week


Rhona Noel: Soca-cise –  Friday 1st November 2013

Need to tone up for a holiday, wedding, carnival or just general fitness? Then why not take part in this exhilarating and exotic caribbean experience with Rhona Noel.


Click the link for more details on Soca-cise


Carnival Of The Lost Souls – Friday 1st November 2013

The Southern Belle presents a Halloween party special with prizes for the best costumes.


Click the link for more details on Carnival Of The Lost Souls


Sun Bailante: Sexy Angels Vs Naughty Devils –  Saturday 2nd November 2013

November 1st 2066, planet earth is being shattered by a gang of Naughty Devils that wine & twerk on anything that moves. A team of Sexy Angels is sent to save the planet and spare the human race from Armageddon. Both sides will come face to face for the ultimate showdown at Bar Vinyl on Friday 1st November in what will be the wickedest party the universe has known!!!

Time to choose your side!


Click the link for more details on Sun Bailante: Sexy Angels & Naughty Devils


One More Lime –  Saturday 2nd November 2013

West London’s finest are at it again.. this invite is exclusive to people who love to party, love good vibes, and want to have fun!


Click the link for more details on One More Lime


Dominica’s 35th Independence Sewo Jam –  Saturday 2nd November 2013

Sewo time! Bring your rags, flags, whistles and horns. Time to celebrate 35 years of Dominican independence,


Click the link for more details on Dominica’s 35th Independence Sewo Jam


Trick Or Treat –  Saturday 2nd November 2013

On Saturday 2nd of November the lights turn off as we join Vincy alliance for their last fete of the year

So grab your mask or costumes and head up to the Pad Lounge Bar & Club at Wycombe Air Park, high Wycombe, postcode SL7 3DR


Click the link for more details on Trick Or Treat


We look forward to seeing you.

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Fetting today like there is no tomorrow.
UKSS Team.

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