Soca Frenzy 4th Anniversary Review – 8th June 2012

Soca Frenzy to De World, the next stop… the Universe!

In true frenzy manner, Soca Frenzy celebrated their 4th anniversary in style and put on a great fete to rival any celebration to date. This was a party like no other and the immense love and appreciation of their success so far was felt by the attendance of the Soca Family at large and most importantly, the supporters and revellers. The only thing that was missing was the birthday cake, however not wanting to disappoint their guests, Soca Frenzy gave us sweetness in Antigua’s Darling of Soca…Claudette ‘CP’ Peters and the candles were lit by the man that pioneered the household bucket  an important accessory to a bacchanalist…Swappi 4D.

Like how a true fete should be, our hosts enticed us to indulge in our bachannalia behaviour, through the sensational pulsating sounds from Scrappy & Tropical Storm Band and London’s finest DJs ensured who ensured we didn’t venture off course by providing hit after hit of music.


The Venue: Soca Frenzy’s current residence in place, The Scala, Kings Cross. The sound in this place is sick and reverberates around the room, propelling vibrations to drum underneath the floor.

The Vibe/Crowd: Normally the crowd at Soca Frenzy is fully charged up, but for some unknown reason this time round they took their time to warm up. With the exception of Triniboi Joocie, Digga D and Crew who turned the place up and nearly caused a caseload of podiatry insurance claims, the vibe was somewhat subdued. Charged up slowly, like a pack of Duracell the crowd eventually hyped up with the arrival of Swappi 4D and Claudette Peters who caused a stir with her performance.

Shout out to Fluffy…affectionately nicknamed by CP, who felt truehand the effect of the stir that hyped up the crowd.

All-in-all: Soca Frenzy is not dubbed the number 1 Soca fete in London for nothing. It is the number 1 pick-a-mix choice of what a Soca fete should be and epitomise. It is with this mix that we celebrated a madderific fete and we look forward to celebrating more anniversaries, the next time round doing it in style aboard the SF Galactic.

Soca Frenzy Happy 4th Anniversary and We wish you much continued success and growth….

Other Celebration Shoutouts…Happy Belated Birthday to Swappi 4D who celebrated his belated birthday…..To Dj Tate who celebrated his birthday on the night and to one of Soca Mafia, Mr Mention who started off his birthday in frenzy.



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