DJ Private Ryan, A Mixologist Genius…..

and probably the most versatile dj in the world.

Marcus Garvey was an inspiration and a thinker and has been revered many a times in the phenomenal musical sounds of Reggae.  Steve Jobs was a genius, a man that had the hunger, the passion and the belief that has redefined how we mere mortals interact and also married iTunes to music! Mahatma Ghandi was a simple, educated and influential man. Muhammad Ali possessed a remarkable persistence that saw him being crowned the greatest of all time.

So beggars the question, how on earth does this fit in with DJ Private Ryan?

And who is DJ Private Ryan?

Simply, a young man that possesses some of the qualities that can be evidenced from the greats mentioned above. Born Ryan Alexander it is uncanny that his moniker and brand reads as DJ Private Ryan, so fondly named after the epic and critically, acclaimed Steven Spielberg film, Saving Private Ryan.

DJ Private Ryan is a young DJ hailing from the Caribbean, twin island famous for setting the pace when it comes to Soca Music and Carnivals; Trinidad and Tobago. At a young age, whilst some pursued other worldly interests, he initially gained interest in music through his father’s influence and later in the DJ scene. Humbly starting with one turntable and a flimsy collection of old records, he began collecting music, learning and creating the phenomenon that is now his own personal signature craft. Through his pursuit and interest, this led to him having his own sound called Detrimental Sound System and a stint in the once popular radio station 96.1 WEFM.

One has to admire DJ Private Ryan. Not content with the lifestyle that is synonymous with the DJ scene, he moved to Miami Florida in 2005 to further his education. It is there that he acquired a Business degree and added a financial and marketing aspect to his educational conquests.

Not forgetting his roots and dream, DJ Private Ryan continued to blaze the trail building a name for himself in the Miami scene and back home in Trinidad and Tobago. It is through his podcasts that he gained international recognition, for he specialises in listening, appreciating and playing different genres. Like the relentless pursuits witnessed by the film’s characters in finding Private Ryan, his following and demand has grown to include playing in different cities in the US, Caribbean, recently Europe and most notably in the future, South Africa.

He is undoubtedly versatile, playing a whole array of music genres, whilst staying true to his roots. He is a genius and our musical mixologist, guilty pleasure. Watching him in action, in awe, it is hard to fathom that beneath the calmness that he emanates; a thousand volts of electrifying thoughts are racing through his head. Like an eagle, watching and intensely preying on its victim, he produces hit after hit of music. He delivers what the crowd wants, he plays for the people. Not content with mediocrity and simplicity and through his drive to give listeners a different high, we see the steely determination to excel lying beneath his exterior.

Check out our candid chat held with DJ Private Ryan,

after his epic appearance at the Dame Du Show Productions: Boom Boom event…….

Ps: ….I am still in awe of the genius that is DJ Private Ryan and intrigued to see what really lies behind that mind. Alone, I challenge him, “So Ryan do you know what music South Africans love”? Calmly and without hesitation he answers me, eyes averted, ideas, thoughts racing through his head, “Yes I have been told they love House music” Undoubtedly and without a question, I know for sure that this is a young man, intelligent, clever, versatile in his musical tastes and well equipped to turn and mix any musical genre into a pleasurable listening experience, worthy of a music connoisseur’ seal of approval.


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