Trinidad Soca Artsite: Kahblis


Trinidad Soca Artsite: Kahblis

Life Imitating art with Kahblis.

When I hear the phrase the pen is mightier than the sword, I think of Keron “Kahblis” George. Kahblis is a song writer that demonstrates sincerity, empathy, and finesse with every lyric he writes. He truly lives up to his name of “Giving it to you good”. Representing the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago Kahblis promises to make his mark in the coming year making him an even bigger name in the business. Not only is he a talented song writer he is also an incredible singer.
He started his musical journey as a solo artist in 2003, but the adventure doesn’t start there. You see, music is innate for Kahblis he takes on his journey as he began his journey of seeing. “I used any and everything that had a flat enough surface around the house to write on” as he reminisced about his childhood. His passion for writing and voice opened great opportunities. As a youngster he sang for a variety of choirs in Tobago. Soca music is his sound of choice, but he isn’t limited to just that. Life is an expression of his art, for every experience he has a song for it. That truth serum keeps the people coming back for more.  In 2005 he released his song “First Time Loved”, a groovy tune inspired by his first time ever falling in love. He says “I felt so much love from that one individual, from the first time we connected”. “First Time Loved” is a great feel good song that gained acclaim regionally as well as internationally.

Like any artist the struggle to stay afloat rises, and brings about unwanted demons. For a time Kahblis was on a musical sabbatical, but like the Phoenix he is back stronger than ever, he promises to leave a musical legacy no one will ever forget. His latest project is “Like That”. “Like That” is a song he wrote with Neil Bernard. An experience his friend had with a bad break up brought this song to life, his friend was able to find true love again in a girl he admired for quite a while. Take a listen to the song I’m sure everyone can relate to the time they finally won that person they always wanted. He has a possible upcoming project with a world renowned production company; we’ll keep our fingers crossed for him.

For bookings and other information you can contact Kahblis on facebook at Kahblis-Musical Specialist or on Twitter and you can email him at

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