DJ Tates Pick: My Favourite Soca Songs

DJ Tates Pick: My Favourite Soca Songs

DJ Tate, one of the UK’s best soca DJ’s has agreed to share his favourite soca songs with us.

Track 3.

Title: No Code (All Star Refix)
Artiste: Teddyson John
Written by: Teddyson John & Jeremy Jacobs
Produced by: Swayne Jn Baptiste, Teddyson John, Pepi Florenville, NMG, Sheriff, 758 Studios

Now this is one of my favourite songs of all time and No Code has been out about 8 or so months on writing this, yet I can feel this in my bones.

Sung by one of my favourite artist for a nearly 9 years now, Teddyson John. (See, Chippin Down D Road, more on that song next week), this un-rated GEM of a tune has some of the sweetest vocals laid down to a Soca Track. Teddyson delivers so much passion in the pre-chorus (Tell them that we don’t want no Code/We Just want to party in the road) that leads into the most infectious Chant.

Teddyson is a rare breed of Soca Artist, one that can actually sing and understands melodies. It also helps when you have Heavy Weights like Sheriff, Studio758, Nicholas Greene, Swayne Jn Baptiste on Production along with a special remix done with the brass section of Roy Cape All Stars. All come together to bring you one of the sweetest songs for the last few years.


Track 2.

Title: Happiest Man Alive
Artiste: Machel Montano
Written by: Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle, Machel Montano & Alex Barnwell
Produced by: Alex “Kubayashi” Barnwell

To me, the best written songs are songs that resonates with the listeners on such a level that it no longer becomes at the artist song, but you own personal testimony. Happiest Man Alive (HMA) is such a song.

If taken literally, this song belongs in the Heart of the Carnival. But the message is so strong, it can be applied to any aspect of living. Whatever you do, enjoy the moment and in that space at that moment, you will be the Happiest Person Alive.

Another reason I personally have this down as one of my favourite songs of all time, it marked a departure from the norm of the writer, Gamal Doyle aka Skinny Fabulous, who was known at the time for his “Breakdown the fence” power records.


Track 1.

Title: Far From Finished
Artiste: Voice
Written by: Aaron Voice St.Louis
Produced by: Fisherman Project
Mixed by: Precision Productions
Vocal Production: Precision Productions
Background Vocals: Karyce Phillips

With Trinidad Carnival 2017 literally around the corner, my playlist of the moment consists of numerous songs of the season, but one song which is a sure fire hit song is ‘Far from Finished‘ by Voice.

I love Soca songs that can transcend the whining, jumping and drinking aspect of our carnival culture as West Indian people. This song tells a very personal story of the artist Voice but was written in such a way it resonates with me like I wrote it.

Now Jah Jah bless me with the opportunity to fly country to country,
Now I can drink Champagne when i Thirsty,
Now I can see all the things I never see,

And I’m Far from Finished, wooi”

This is not one of the best soca songs ever written, but dare I say one of the best songs ever written, period.

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