Dame Du Show. We Salute You


Dame Du Show. We Salute You

In September 2009 after many summer nights of debating, discussing and the occasional sip of rum Dame Du Show Productions was born. Now it’s almost at its 6th anniversary and it has come a long way. As an all-female event management company they don’t just present an ordinary night out but an entire experience. Dame Du Show Productions is owned and run by 4 gorgeous business women who specialise in bringing together artist and international DJs to exclusive venues around Europe.

Now the ladies behind Dame Du Show…

anushka-sara-300Let start with Anu (Anushka Sara) – DDS Job Title “Creative Boundary Breaker”, Corporate Job Title “Creative Director” Anu is the creative genius behind all the themed nights from innovative marketing, promotional ideas she is the one to add that final touch to every themed night… call it the bespoke touch. She is so creative that sometimes the rest of the team have to pull the reigns and calm her down.

Anu is the social butterfly too, she will often be the one you receive a personal Facebook message from inviting you to the event. She doesn’t only flutter her wings in the cyber world but also her eyelashes when she meets you in person!




anoko-lawson-300Next we have Koko (Anoko Lawson) – DDS Job Title “’Get It Done’ Girl” Corporate Job Title “Chief Operations Officer”. Koko is the person who organises every fine detail to the events, she is based in central London so she handles all the admin from liaisons with the venues to sourcing and booking the international DJ for their events.

She lives up to her DDS name… she Gets It Done!





nadia-el-gharbi-300Nadia – (Nadia El Gharbi) – DDS Job Title “Ari Gold” (from entourage) Corporate Job Title “International Correspondent” . Nadia, now based in France  is the face to face negotiator. Her charm is so alluring that if a deal needs to be sealed Nadia is the one to seal it.

She is the one who lays in the ground work for any event they organise in the South of France.






cinderella-300Finally we have Cinde Rella – (Natasha Sara) – DDS Job Title “Front (WO)Man” Corporate Job title: “Communications Officer & DJ”. She is the commercial queen. She is the voice you hear behind the radios ads or the face in front of the camera. Better known DJ Cinde Rella she has solidified her place in the market from hosting her own shows on the radio to playing around the world in cities such as New York, Kingston Jamaica to Colombo Sri Lanka just to name a few.

As a resident DJ of Dame Du Show you know she’ll tantalise her audience and give them something they wont forget.




If you made a cocktail out of these ladies you would taste almost every flavour in the world. As multicultural groups come these ladies heritage range from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Caribbean. They all bring their own flavour and style.

You could say that it’s their diversity that brought along Dame Du Show, with their love of different genres of music they have created something special and unique a new vibe for Londoners and the people of south of France.

The ladies represent the international community what makes them distinctive is their attention to detail from their personal touches to each themed night, flying in international DJ’s, goodie bags and competition’s they have found a way to bring together people from all backgrounds and cultures.

Just to name some of the people they have hosted for and worked alongside… Trey Songs, Wiz Khalifa, Chromatic The Ultimate -Popcaan & Vybzs Kartel’s official sound , DJ Private Ryan and their Boom Boom regular DJ Jairo.

Over the years they have overcome many challenges with each one learning and evolving, being all females in the industry it was probably hard to be taken seriously but look where they are now.

Their annual summer party BOOM BOOM with acclaimed resident DJ’s … DJ Cined Rella (Bang Radio) , DJ  Jairo (Paris), DJ Alitwizt and guest DJ Tate was a blast. It had a great variation of  Soca, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, R&B, Funky House, Afro Beats, Zouk and Kizomba to name a few. This is an you want ot put on your calendar for next year.

Our She Soca army (promo girls) were special guest at this event. Check out the all the pictures.

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