Trinidad Carnival 2016: Harts – Vogue


For all those who are going to be in Trinidad for carnival next year but have no idea which band to play with, Trinidad Carnival Diary have kindly agreed to share their info on all the bands to keep us in touch with the band launch season for carnival 2016.

Through the management partnership with Harts and TRIBE, the Harts camp can now offer their customers more for less! All costume prices are down and at competitive prices. As a masquerader you can benefit from following upgraded amenities with your costume:

  • Lunch on both days
  • Toilets for both male and females
  • Goody bags with HARTS branded souvenirs
  • Food park amenities
  • Your Vogue costume

Each section has the option of adding an all inclusive option to your package… That price is now $700! This allows you access to three (3) rum shop carts around the band and one large drinks trailer to the back of band.

Online registration is now open. Log on to 

Special thanks to Trinidad Carnival Diary for sharing their content. Much appreciated.

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