The Launch Of #Shellingz

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The Launch Of #Shellingz

#Shellingz @ Club Reiba

I found the venue to be a relaxed, laid back setting with friendly, efficient staff, the ideal recipe for a great night.

The vibe inside Club Reina was live the dj’s had the crowd on the dance floor everyone was involved and having a good time.

#Shellingz lived up to its name 100%

Overall I believe it was more than a successful event, the turn out for the opening night was excellent.

A lot of hard work and preparation went into this event, I would like to send a shout out to everyone involved in promoting, organising and pushing #Shellingz from an idea to a successful event, as well as everyone who turnout to support the event, as without one another the soca scene can’t and won’t continue to grow.

All I can say is #Shellingz has definitely made a good impression and I can only expect that the next one, is going to be bigger, better and with much more wotless behaviour, watch this space.

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Pictures and review by Soca Bailey

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