The season finale, Dancehall vs Soca

After battling the cold and the queue, revellers were ready to wuk-up and get on bad.

Dancehall or Soca? Two similar, but very different genres which generally stems heated debates but that’s another issue to be discussed later.

The Soca and Dancehall fans turned out ready to rep their team. With flags and rags at ready to witness history in the making with the first female clash. The night was split into 5 sections 4 back to back 15min clashes and 1 wildcard round with no DJ allowed to play the same song twice, the crowd were left to decide the fate of the rounds.

The pressure was on. Tunes  and dub plate’s were dropping, both old school and new school. The vibes were bless throughout. The crowd was hyped and entertained. At the end of the night there can only be one winner and without a doubt #TeamSoca was triumphant to take the title for 2014.

Overall it was a great event an awesome end to the year for many.

On behalf of all the UKSS Team we would like to wish you all a prosperous new year and keep supporting the cause.

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Review and pictures by Soca Bailey

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