The London 2012 Olympics & The UK Soca Scene


The London 2012 Olympics & The UK Soca Scene

What does Carnival and the Olympics have in common?


Truth be told, I could not have cared less about the Olympics. It was probably the thought of seeing those defined and toned bodies that put me off.

4 weeks to this day, I gave myself a goal to lose the winter fuel, I had mistakenly acquired. 28 days later, I find myself horizontal, glued to the screen watching athletic history in the making, Usain Bolt versus Yohan ‘the Beast’ Blake versus Weir.

Watch The Trinidad and Tobago Cultural Village
reaction to the Olympic 200m final

See my goal has been shoved to the back of mind, I still do have approx 2 weeks to shift some before Carnival, but yes I got gripped in the end by the Olympic fever, just like the rest of you.

In less than 72 hours, the Olympics will come to an end, paving way to the Paralympics. Whilst we have all been patriotic to our own, it is a race after all; we have as a nation and as a culture been united in celebration and in commending each other. The one thing that the London 2012 Olympics has given to the Caribbean nation is hope to the younger generations, new and existing role models to aspire to, a unified social quest to fund sports facilities and a hunger to cultivate and grow a nation of great sportsmen and sportswomen.

In recognition to all athletes’ who worked hard, DJ Flex @djflex_anu had this to say:

I would of like to have seen many more competitors (Antiguan’s) within the Olympics but on the other hand it’s been a joy to even see Antiguan’s qualifying for the London 2012. It’s had a great impact on the Caribbean, many have seen the Caribbean as a tourist attraction and I can honestly say we’ve changed all that thumbs up to each and every one of them and the hard work they’ve put in hope to see continuous success coming out of the Caribbean.


So feeling inspired we decided to stage our own Friday Carilympics

UKSS: The Olympics is the global stage, where the results of hard work are rewarded for all to see. Some say it’s the greatest show on earth and to an extent we agree, but only 3 people per event are truly happy the rest feel the pain of failure. Carnival on the other hand….? well…Everyone’s happy….

2012 NHC Drink:

In the heats

  1. Rivers – Grenada
  2. Mount Gay – Barbados
  3. Johhnie Walker – Trinidad & Tobago
  4. Wray & Nephew – Jamaica
  5. Puncheon – Trinidad & Tobago
  6. Sunset – St Vincent & Grenadines

(Entries gained from ‘Would You Be My Drinking Partner’ article)

 Soca Frenzy Pre Carnival DJ Showdown: This event is tonight and it’s one not to be missed


Here are some links to download some serious soca all courtsey of DJ Shaker HD

Groovy SocaPower Soca

And concluding…the one valuable lesson that the Olympics has taught me, is that despite your background or circumstances, through will, determination, hard-work, discipline and motivation, will your dream be realised. Setbacks might occur, however perseverance is key, for victory lies at the end….

We still have more to come, so stay locked to UKSS, your number 1 guide to all things Soca….

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