Imitate Your Way To Success

Imitate Your Way To Success

There are two roads to success.

  1. Be the pioneer who has the great new idea/s with the determination and drive to see their great new idea/s through to success.
  2. The person who imitates other peoples/businesses road to success.

Both lead to success!

TT-CULTURAL-VILLAGE-09-08-2012-388The vast majority of successful people/businesses fall into option 2 which can be intentional or not. For example, the first mass produced car was made by Ford. Now think of how many other successful businesses there are mass producing cars. McDonalds isn’t the only successful fast-food burger restaurant. Sony are not the only producers of successful electrical goods. Machel Montano isn’t the only successful soca artiste, the list goes on and on.

Imitating success does not mean copying exactly what another person/business has done/is doing. It means to apply the same successful traits and attributes as the people/businesses in your field (or outside of your field) who are experiencing the levels of success you would like to achieve.

How May This Apply To The Soca Scene?

A DJ plays music. Most soca DJs have access to the same music which they can all get near enough at the same time. So what makes a soca DJ more successful than the next? How come some soca DJs get booked to play all over the world and others struggle to get booked for their nephews christening?

Yes, being a good at playing the music plays apart but what else do the successful DJs do that the not so successful DJs aren’t doing. Believe me it goes way beyond just standing behind the decks.


Mas Bands. What makes a successful mas band sell out before or at their launch and other mas bands have to beg and in some cases pay to get masqueraders? Is it all really down to the design of a costume? I think not.

Think of what you would consider to be a successful mas band. Now study everything they do. Don’t just look at their costume designs, look at how they run and market their (business) mas band. You will start to notice a lot of successful traits which can be applied to any mas band (business).



Websites. In the market place there will be a number of websites which provide information, services, products, news, photos, videos, etc about that particular market. The bigger the market place the more websites there will be. So what makes one website gain more loyal readers than the others in their market place? They will all have access to the same/similar information, they will all be able to provide the same/similar level of service so what makes the masses visit one site more than others?

UK Soca Scene has achieved an ok level of success, but we could, should and will be more successful. I have been looking at what other successful sites are doing and I will be implementing some of their successful traits in the future, such as:

  • Being more creative
  • Being more consistent
  • Responding quicker to community needs
  • Keeping things in perspective

And some other stuff which I’m not going to talk about just yet. These are successful traits that I have witnessed many more successful sites apply daily. If it’s working for them, there is no reason why it won’t work for us.

So, what are you waiting for. Go and start studying the successful.

Be successful.

Good luck.

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