Growing A Scene

Growing A Scene

To grow a scene you need a selection of good artistes.
To assist them you need great producers and song writers.
To push the music they create to the masses you need DJs (radio and club) and media houses/platforms.
To display the music you need promoters to put on events where the artistes can perform their music live or at least where their music will be played.
The last remaining and very important piece of growing a scene is YOU.

The scene needs YOU to support with your ears, your heart, your feet, your words and your money.

Your Ears – You like what you are hearing

Your Heart – Because you like what you are hearing, it feels right to share it with as many people as possible

Your Feet – When there is an event on, you attend it to hear and demand to hear the music you like

Your Words – You recommend what you like to your friends and family

Your Money – You buy the music and support the live performances

The outcome of this is a growing scene which YOU, want to be a part of.
A scene that YOU, are proud of.
A scene that without YOU, wouldn’t be possible.


You can always do nothing, then moan about how bad YOUR scene is.

I am Dwayne Huggins and I am doing my part to grow a (great) scene. Will you join me?

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