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What a great way to kick off the UK summer (which I am told is just around the corner). Busspepper put on an all-inclusive lime/fete which had the perfect mixture of music, drink and people, resulting in plenty vibes. The venue was swanky and suited the event perfectly. The drinks were premium ... Read More
16th June 2013uksocascene


Let me tell you what I love about Soca Frenzy. I love they way that Shaker, Kenrick and the Soca Frenzy Team continue to consistently work hard to please and grow their audience. They have not become complacent, big-headed or stale. Soca Frenzy is a great fete to go to whether there ... Read More
14th April 2012uksocascene


Spring Bling brought a lot of unseen faces to the soca scene. The concept of Old Soca Vs Old Dub offered something new. A refreshing change from hearing up-front soca all the time. Spring Bling was well attended, comfortably filling the Euphorium. The crowd was a friendly bunch who created a ... Read More
24th March 2012uksocascene