Nominated for International Soca Award 2012

soca-awards-post-image Nominated for International Soca Award 2012

We have been nominated!

Yes, you are reading correctly. has been nominated for ‘Favourite Soca Info Website’  at the 10th annual International Soca Awards.

Of course we would love to win this award, but the fact that we have been nominated alone is enough. Our purpose is to highlight the UK talent, be the voice of the people and bring soca to the masses.  YOU the people are crucial to our success and wouldn’t be doing what we are doing without your continued support.

Whatever the outcome, THANK YOU!

We’d also like to shine the light on:

  • Ms Desire for her song on the I Am Santana The Movie Sound Track. Nominated for Best Soca Compilation MP3/Album/CD of the Year
  • Muzik Lil Muzik – Make A Way. Nominated for Best Duo
  • & Nominated for Favourite online radio.
  • Darren Soca Child Skerritt with his production for Hypersounds “ROLL IT”. Nominated for Best groove soca –  male.

This years awards ceremony marks the start of the 1st Los Angeles Culture Festival and also the start of the 50th Independence Celebration for Trinidad & Tobago in LA.

From Friday 4th May, log on to the International Soca Awards website and you’ll have the chance to vote for your favourite artistes in following 29 categories.

1. Best New Female Soca Artiste

Naki – Doh Bother Meh (T&T)
Keann – Teaser (Barbados)
Gabrielle – Dutty (T&T)
Shakki Starfire – We Loosing It (St. Kitts)
Janna De Leon – Island Love (T&T)
Roxanne “Roxxy” Webster – Delete (Anguilla/St. Martin)

2. Best New Male Soca Artiste

Terror Kid Car – Last Days (Grenada)
Kevon Carter – Celebrate Life (T&T)
Kimba Sorazno – Rude Gyal (T&T)
K. Rich – Nothing Less (T&T)
Erphaan Alves – In Your Eyes (T&T)
Hyper Sounds – Roll Yuh Bumper (Barbados)

3. Soca Duo or Group of the Year

KO Chicks – Pump It (T&T)
JW & Blaze – We Time (T&T)
3 Canal – Sacrifice (T&T)
Luni Sparks & Electrify – Everything Gone High (Grenada)
Zuki & Tim Tim – Boots & Lock Up (T&T)
Muzik Lil Muzik – Make A Way (UK)

4. Soca Song Writer of the Year

Problem Child – (Stick On, Bacchanalarians, 6:30) St. Vincent
Fay Ann Lyons – (Denial, Miss Behave, All Over) T&T
Edwin Yearwood – (Back Again, Cova De Road, Good Times) Barbados
Kerwin Du Bois – (I Am Soca, Baddist, Bachannalist) T&T
Jason ‘Shaft’ Bishop – (On The Avenue, Surrender, Making Up) T&T
Bunji Garlin – (Turn Up, Born Ready, So & So) T&T

5. Best Soca Collaboration of the Year

Patrice Roberts & Kerwin Du Bois – I Am Soca (T&T)
Michelle X & Kes – “Head Bad – On D Road” (T&T)
Problem Child Ft. Tallpree – Think Ah Drunk (St. Vincent & Grenada)
The iZ Feat. Machel Montano HD – Whine (Cayman Islands& T&T)
Faye-Ann Lyons & Baron – All Over (T&T)
Kerwin Dubois Feat. Bunji Garlin – Runaway (T&T)

6. International Soca DJ of the year

Tony Tempo – (Atlanta)
DJ Stephen – (Los Angeles)
Eternal Vibes – (Miami)
Soca Twins – (Germany)
DJ Spice – (New York)
D’ Enforcas – (Canada)

7. Soca Artist Album/CD of the year

Bunji Garlin – iSpaniard (T&T)
Destra – 2012 (T&T)
Machel Montano – Double M (T&T)
Farmer Nappy” Henry – You Make Me/Surrender (T&T)
Kes – Wired (T&T)

8. Best Soca Compilation MP3/Album/CD of the Year

Soca Gold 2012
I Am Soca 2012
We Music Volume1
Champion Soca
I Am Santana The Movie Sound Track
We Muzik Vol 1

9. Best Soca Compilation Rhythm

Rich Boy Riddim – Platta Studios (Harder, Work, 6:30) Barbados.
Antilles Riddim – Precision Productions (In Your Eyes, Vibes Cya Done, Bachannalist) T&T.
40 ft. Riddim – Madmen Productions (So & So, Destroy Everything, Leh We Wuk) T&T.
Maserati Riddim – Juelio/NuGeneration Studios (In Charge, We Time Rude Gyal) T&T.
Bad Dog Riddim – Penn & Ace (Miss Behave, Rumble, Mash It Up) St. Lucia.
3 Zero Riddim – Precision Productions (The People’s Champion, Bottle of Rum, Gift of Soca) T&T.

10. Best Groove Soca – Female

Destra – Keep on Wukkin (T&T)
Patrice Roberts – Men Dem Darling (T&T)
Terri Lyons – Cah Stop Moving (T&T)
Shakki Starfire – Party Plenty (St.Kitts)
Alison Hinds – Born To Wine (Barbados)
Nadia Batson – No Pressure (T&T)

11. Best Groove Soca – Male

Rupee – I Am A Bajan (Barbados)
Machel Montano – Mr. Fete (T&T)
Tian Winter – Crash (Antigua)
Benjai – The People’s Champion (T&T)
Kerwin Du Bois – Bacchanalist (T&T)
Hyper Sounds – Roll Yuh Bumper (Barbados)

12. Best up Tempo Soca – Female

Shakki Starfire – We Loosing It (St.Kitts)
Faye-Ann Lyons – Miss Behave (T&T)
Destra Garcia – Link Up (T&T)
Nadia Batson – Making Up (T&T)
Terri Lyons – Recipe (T&T)
Alison Hinds – Explode (Barbados)

13. Best up Tempo Soca – Male

Iwer George – No Pain (T&T)
Ricky T – Madd Ting (St. Lucia)
Edwin Yearwood – Cova De Road (Barbados)
Hard Knaxs – Kentucky / KFC (Antigua)
Fireman Hooper – Animal (St. Vincent)
Machel Montano – Pump Yuh Flag (T&T)

14. Soca Song of the Year

Edwin Yearwood – Cova De Road (Barbados)
Kerwin Du Bois – Bacchanalist (T&T)
Benji – The People’s Champion (T&T)
Machel Montano – Mr. Fete (T&T)
Hyper Sounds – Roll Yuh Bumper (Barbados)
Patrice Roberts & Kerwin Du Bois – I Am Soca (T&T)

15. Favorite Soca Info Website

16. Over All Soca Band of the Year

Show Time – (BVI)
Machel Montano HD – (T&T)
Respeck Band – (St Maarten)
Kes The Band – (T&T)
Krosfyah – (Barbados)
Small Axe Band – (St. Kitts)

17. Soca Producer of the Year

Thygeson (Penn) Joseph & Irvin (Ace) – (Miss Behave, Rumble, Born Ready) St. Lucia
Kernal Roberts/RAMA Studios – (True Story, Pump Yuh Flag, Cah Stop Moving) T&T
Precision Productions (Mr. Fete, Bacchanalist, The People’s Champion) T&T
Kerwin Du Bois – (I Am Soca, Baddist, Runaway) T&T
GBM Productions – (Action, Celebrate Life, Type Ah Wine) NY
1st Klase Production (Bucket, Stress Away, Throw Wine) T&T

18. Best Soca Music Video

Edwin Yearwood & Krosfyah – Good Time (Dir. by Matthew Pilgrim Edited by Kwame McDowall)
Skhi – Cant Stay Away (Dir. By Remy) T&T.
Kes The Band ‘Stress Away (Dir. by Ryan C. Khan Produced by Simon Baptiste, Carolyn Pasea
& Kes The Band) T&T.
Machel Montano – Vibes Cyah Done (Dir. by Machel Montano/Leroy “gotti” Thomas/David
Cropper Produced by Precision Productions Edited by Eldon Pernel) T&T.
Farmer Nappy – You Make Me (Dir. By Peter C. Lewis, Edited by Cowin “Dori” Thorpe, Camera
by Gabriel Ti. Nagee/Declan Leeloo) T&T.
The iZ ft. Machel Montano – Whine (Dir. By Sean Bodden Produced by Jusshane Productions &
Jason Gilbert) Cayman Islands.
Kimba Sorzano – Over You (Dir. by Kern Rose KernRoseFilms) T&T.
Roxanne “Roxxy” Webster – Delete (Dir. by Julien Kirton and Produced by Rickiell Hodge and
Rocklyn Maynard R&R Productions) Anguilla/St. Martin.
Erphaan Alves – In Your Eyes (Dir. by Jason Lett/R. Ramoutar Edited by Akino “Godrealm”
Williams) T&T.
Tian Winter – Crash (Dir. & Edited by Antigua.

19. Best Soca Chutney Music Video

Omardath Maraj Spread Pal Crew – Winnin & Jookin (Triniwood Flims).
Rick Ramoutar & Ravi B – Single (Prod. by Donnie Ali).
Reshma Ramlal – Gardener (Triniwood Flims).
Veekash Sahadeo – Sweet Wine (Dir. by Gari Barclay).
Soca Elvis – Help Meh (Dir./Filmed Edited by Andre Mustapha Photography).
Hunter – One Thirty ((Videotaped Edited by Donnie Ali)
Trevor Gore – Doh Touch (Dir. Justyn Mayers).
Chirs Garcia – Sundar (Golden Eye Productions).
Yankey Boy – No More Water (Dir. by The Great Zeee).
Vijay Arjun & Julius De Intelligent – I Love Liquor (Dir. shot & Edited by Neil Anthony Bacchus of
Stealth Productions).

20. Over All Soca Chutney Band of the Year

Dil E Nadan
JMC 3Veni
Spread Pal Crew

21. Soca Chutney Song of the Year

Pania – Destra & Rikki Jai (T&T)
Lawa – Raymond Ramnarine ft. Sam Boodram (T&T)
Mousie Breakaway – Artie Butkoon (T&T)
Ah Wish I Was Single – Rick Ramoutar (T&T)
Ragga & Kavita Maharajh – Talawah – Ragga (TNY)
Single Forever – KI (T&T)

22. Favorite Soca Online Radio

23. Best DJ/Radio Host Soca Artist (DJís/Radio Host that sings)

Lil’ Rick – Work (Barbados)
JW & Blaze – We Ting (T&T)
Jahmoun Mendoza – Leh We Wuk (T&T)
Super Jigga TC – Action (T&T)
Shal Marshal – Trouble (T&T)
Devon Mathews – Take Off Yuh Close (T&T)

24. Best Soca Pan Song (TNT Special)

Gie Dem Tempo – (Edwin Pouchet – Composer – Alvin Daniel -Lyrics) Sung by Denyse Plummer.
Archbishop of Pan – (Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe – Composer – Gregory ‘GB’ Ballantyne – Lyrics) Sung
by Lydian Singers.
Vibes – (Ken ‘Professor’ Philmore & Mark Loquan Composer – Destra Garcia – Lyrics) Sung by
Destra Garcia.
Play Yourself – (Clive Telemaque – Composer – Lyrics) Sung by Crazy.
Yuh Know Ah Like It – (Arddin Herbert & Ricardo Jones – Composer – Roland ‘Remy’ Yearwood –
Lyrics) Sung by Roland ‘Rembunction’ Yearwood.
Aunty Pat – (Pelham Goddard & 3Canal – Composer – Lyrics) Sung by 3Canal.

25. Best Soca Radio DJ of the Year (TNT Special)

Dr. Ross – Vibe CT 105 FM
Element – Next 99.1 FM
Dj Duane – Slam 100.5 FM
The Boss – Vibe CT 105 FM
Sean Bowen – Sweet 100.1 FM
Universal Yung Gunz Sound/ KG – Wack Radio 90.1 FM

26. Nigerian – Soca Song of the Year

Maiojoe ft. 2PHAT – Titi Aiye Mi
Brymo – Are
Skales – Mukulu
Bracket ft. Wizkid – Girl

27. Soca Chutney Artiste of the Year (Female)

Sally Sagram
Artie Butkoon
Kavita Maharaj
Sassy Ramoutar
Rewtie Ramroop

28. Soca Chutney Artiste of the Year (Male)

Rikki Jai (T&T)
Raymond Ramnarine (T&T)
Artie Butkoon (T&T)
Rick Ramoutar (T&T)
Ragga (NY)
KI (T&T)

29. Soca Chutney Producer of the Year

Pungalunks Factory (T&T)
Kevin Khan KK Studios (T&T)
Rishi Mahatoo Maha Proudctions (T&T)
FM Studios (T&T)
Back Yard Studios (T&T)
Ragga (NY)
KI (T&T)

Thank you for your vote


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