UK Soca Scene Fete Guide: 30th April – 5th May 2014


UK Soca Scene Fete Guide: 30th April – 5th May 2014

Our royal soca visitor has returned to Trinidad and the UK Soca Scene is preparing for another busy weekend.

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This is what UKSS did last week

Chocolate Nation Mas & Eclipse Mas Band Launch – Saturday 26th April 2014

Chocolate Nation and Eclipse Mas put on the best band launch of theirs to date and the best launch for 2014 so far.Alongside their extended teams and sections, Mas With A Difference and Trinity Design Collective was live performances by Triniboi Joocie and Destra Garcia. The night lived up to the hype and the promise.



You can see all the pictures from this event here > Chocolate Nation Mas & Eclipse Mas Band Launch




What’s Happening This Week?

Soca On Cloud 9 – Wednesday 30th April 2014  

It’s the last Wednesday of the month so its time for Soca On Cloud 9


Click the link for more details on Soca On Cloud 9


Soca & Chutney Dance – Saturday 3rd May 2014 

Its Ladies Night at the Soca & Chutney Dance. Free entry before 11pm with great food and endless drinks all night.


Click the link for more details on Soca & Chutney Dance


Bajan Revellers & Enigma Vibes Launch Party – Saturday 3rd May 2014  

From The Darkeness comes the Bajan Revellers & Enigma Vibes carnival launch party. Celebrating the golden ages of Notting Hill Carnival.


Click the link for more details on Bajan Revellers & Enigma Vibes Launch Party


Wuss Wayz – Saturday 3rd May 2014  

The Green Lime with 187 Low Life Boys Presents: Soca Smash Vol.1 featuring live & direct from Grenada The Wuss Wayz Empire, Lil Natty & Thunda performing hits like “Start De Mass”, “For Cold”, “Problems In De Air” & many more.


Click the link for more details on Wuss Wayz


Busspeper 11th Anniversary – Sunday 4th May 2014 

Join us as we celebrate our Anniversary in style with an event 11 years in the making! This event takes place at London’s famous Tiger Tiger, Piccadilly Circus. Champagne & Canapé reception (9-10), Music powered by Busspepper residents and special guest DJ, 6 Rooms for 6 different vibes – Groovy Wonderland (boogie down), Cloud Lounge (chill with a bottle of bubbly), The White Room (get wild and sassy), Opal Bar (sip on sophisticated cocktails), Tiger Bar (100% Bacchanal), Tiger Restaurant (dine in style) The crème de la crème of Caribbean partying in London, rub shoulders with all the right people.


Click the link for more details on Busspepper 11th Anniversary


Burrokeets & Candy Mas Band Launch – Sunday 4th May 2014  

This year Burrokeets are celebrating 24 years on the road with the Notting Hill Carnival celebrating its 50th anniversary. So with our theme for this year “Nights On Broadway” we will be bringing a touch of glamour, a splash of glitz, and the drama and excitement of a Broadway show as nightlife comes into the day on streets of London for these two monumental celebrations and where better to start than at our launch.


Click the link for more details on Burrokeets & Candy Mas Band Launch


The Hot Caribbean Party – Sunday 4th May 2014  

Party in the heart of the most decadent quarters of the world, the Red-light district! For this edition of the Hot Caribbean Party, which starts the Notting Hill Carnival campaign 2014, you will revel into an obscure and exciting world of tropical depravity.


Click the link for more details on The Hot Caribbean Party


Funatik Mas Band Launch/Caribbean Family Fun Day – Sunday 4th May 2014  

The Funatik Family are proud to announce that the 2014 presentation Spreading Wings will be launched on Bank Holiday Monday 5th May at The Caribbean Family Fun Day.

New for 2014 Socaholic will be debuting a Premium section for Funkatik Mas.

All will be revealed and the costumes launched at 4pm from our Marquee and registration will be available from 5pm onwards and online from Tuesday 6th May


Click the link for more details on Funatik Mas Band Launch





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