Flagz Mas Band Launch Review – 5th May 2012

The award winning Flagz Mas Band launched their Mas for Notting Hill Carnival 2012.

Flagz is a household name when it comes to soca in the UK. Even though they have only been around for 5 years, in that time they have managed to have the longest running monthly soca event, an online radio station and a mas band which has won band of the year 3 times and there is a lot more to come >> FLAGZ FEST


The Launch

Venue: Excelsior Night Club, London is Flagz resident venue. Fit for purpose with good sound system, good lighting and a stage for shows and parades.

Crowd: Full of energy. The Flagz crew know how to party. When they come out to fete its no holds barred. They love the music, the culture and are eager to display this to all who want to see it.

Vibe: It got off to a slowish start as people were filtering in, but once the flame was ignited is was non-stop bacchannal from there on in.

Costume Parade: Faultless. The 2 designs on display were shown well and in a timely fashion.

All-In-All: Flagz Mas Band will continue to go from strength to strength. They love a challenge and put the real essence of soca at the heart of what they do. I am sure that this year on the road for Notting Hill, all who play with Flagz will have a great time.


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