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An important part (for us ladies) of preparing for the road in Trinidad Carnival is our makeup. We've had the pleasure of meeting a great makeup artiste - Alana Villarule-Webster. Even though Trinidad Carnival 2016 is over, she is someone to note down for future carnivals. We caught up with ... Read More
17th February 2016uksocascene



Carnival Skin Tip 2 – Glowing

Hello again. We are another week closer to Trinidad Carnival 2016 and here is an other opportunity for us here at She Soca to share some products we have found to be great for pre and post carnival day. Last week we started with the skin facial products. This week we ... Read More
20th January 2016She Soca


3. What is Jouvert morning? Have you ever tried to explain to Simon at work what Jouvert is... Without sounding like an absolute crazy person for enjoying it. Traditionally, jouvert involves people dancing through the streets in the early hours of the morning following rhythm sections and music trucks. The festival starts ... Read More
18th January 2016She Soca


Anyone who participates in Trinidad Carnival has surely taken a look at the Trinidad Carnival Diary webpage or Facebook page at some point, it truly is a one stop carnival fact shop.  I am certainly no exception, from planning my first time playing mas in Trinidad I soon became addicted ... Read More
11th January 2016She Soca


As a regular masquerader, feter and resident hooligan, I find myself often being asked questions by non-carnival oriented friends about carnival and how it all works. Have you noticed that when your trying to explain carnival, you can't quite put into words your amazing experiences... And more disappointing they just never ... Read More
7th January 2016Kami McSassy



Carnival Skin Tip

The carnival season is fast approaching and we here at She Soca (SS) are starting to get ourselves ready for the revelry and antics of Trinidad Carnival 2016. From our skin products right down to our multivitamins to help keep us going and going and yes going again. We aren't saying ... Read More
5th January 2016She Soca


SheSoca catch up with a talented and influential mas designer from the carnival scene, to find out about her debut at London Fashion Week as Kelly & Co, and the amazing new heights she has recently reached.  Kelly has been working in Mas for many years and currently is the ... Read More
18th November 2015She Soca



Who is The Wassi One?

With Miami Carnival this weekend (9th - 11th Oct) it's only right that when you think of a strong, independent, powerful sexy woman in the soca scene the one and only Giselle D'Wassi One Blanche comes to mind! This year will be her 28th year on the road with her mas ... Read More
10th October 2015uksocascene


DJ Twin T is being haled as 'the baddest young female DJ to touch the sound system' on the UK soca scene. She entered the music scene almost four years ago as a young female who has a passion for music. Having the added advantage of being taught by a close family member ... Read More
3rd October 2015uksocascene


Today at She:Soca we would like to take a look back at an activity at the Tabanca Weekender that we think was a great success. Here is an interview with Andrea, the instructor of the Soca Fusion, Soca Aerobics classes that took place on Saturday and Sunday. So have a ... Read More
28th September 2015uksocascene