Let Me Tell You Why Berlin Carnival Is So Sweet

It all starts with its people.

All who I have come across are kind, friendly, welcoming and generous. These traits are the bases to the atmosphere which they effortlessly create.

Berlin is also a country full of common sense.

There is 24hr public transport. This transport is well connected and frequent. You never seem too far away from a station. Furthermore its cost effective!

There are no time restriction on when you are ‘allowed’ to drink alcohol. So there is a lot less binge drinking. (Obviously people still get drunk, but you don’t see all of them sprawling out of a club at 3am looking to fight).

This common sense means you can go out at night, drink plenty (Chronic) and not have to worry about de blasted last train, or its expensive train / oyster card costs. You can leave your car safely at home and go and have a ball.

The Carnival

So now we know that the Germans are really nice people. We applaud their countries common sense, let me tell you why I think their carnival is so sweet.

One word. UNITY.

Currently you know exactly what you and everyone else is doing for the carnival period.

Friday – everyone will be at Soca Twins event.

Saturday – everyone will be liming at the BBQ in the day. They then move on to YAAM in the evening, then onto Carnival Glow which goes on until it done.

Sunday – everyone is on the road in the same band Carnival Fever. There are other bands but Carnival Fever is by far the best. Then those who are still standing go on to the one after party.

There isn’t a million fetes on every night dividing the people and the vibe.

There isn’t a thousand mas bands trying to get a piece of you on the road.

EVERYONE who goes to Berlin Carnival (for soca) is all in ONE place having ONE set of fun TOGETHER.

This is what makes Berlin Carnival (in its current state) so damn sweet.

I Don’t Want Berlin Carnival To Grow

Yes, that is selfish of me to say that, especially as this was my first year going to it, but its true. It should stay the size it is.

However I’mma realist. Growth is necessary and can be positive.

When you do grow Berlin Carnival, grow as one. Still have one fete that everyone goes to per night, just have it in a bigger place so that it can accommodate more people.

Still have one lime on the Saturday that everyone goes to, just have it in a bigger place.

Still have just the one (main soca) mas band just have more sections.

Keep it as ONE and the carnival will stay as sweet as it is now. In fact it will probably get sweeter.

Shout Outs

Big respect to DJ Tate for setting the pace and leading most of us from the UK to Berlin.

Hendrik Sievert and Ben Ny. Owners of Carnival Fever Mas Band. They were the first two Germans I was introduced to and they treated me like an old friend from day one.

Yard Gear for truly embracing the culture and supporting it to the fullest in Germany and anywhere they go.

Soca Twins for their continued commitment and dedication to the soca scene across the world.

Diane Vincy (UKSS) for leading the way for the UKSS to touch down in Berlin and being a great host.

Chronic cos its a badass drink.

Whats YOUR View?

I just let in on what my view of Berlin Carnival is, do you agree, disagree or have anything to add?
Comment away.


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