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Soca News

D Riddim Tribe – Rise Of An Empire Review

Release D Riddim (RDR) released their presentation for Notting Hill Carnival 2015. ‘Rise of an Empire‘ To be honest I’ll be very surprised if you don’t know who they are but for you select few, here’s a little history for you… Release D Riddim is a promotion team that organise …Read More

Dj Stephen Spreads Soca in Dubai

2 x International DJ of the Year aka Machel Montano’s Official Tour DJ, “DJ Stephen” documents his recent trip to Dubai – UAE. A part of his official “Life with Soca Tour 2015“. DJ Stephen simply records his new experiences and travels, which he states is all due to our …Read More

Lagniappe Mas – Tribal War Review

Next up in the Notting Hill Carnival 2015 band launch season is Lagniappe Mas with their presentation, ‘Tribal War’. “Steeped in the valleys, planes and mountains of the Americas, the Tribes of the Red Man thrived. Great Nations of warriors who fought the courageous fight. In the stillness of wind you …Read More

Utopia Mas – Le Chic Review

So I’m back with another review for NHC 2015. The launches are in full effect for the season Next up is Utopia Mas launch with their presentation for 2015 ‘Le Chic’. Unfortunately with a busy schedule that night I just missed their live presentation so I won’t be reviewing them …Read More

UK Soca Scene Fete Guide: 2nd – 5th April 2015

Easter is upon us. Wishing you all a Happy Easter from the UKSS Team. ================================================================================ This is what UKSS did last week Lagniappe Mas: Band Launch – 28th March 2015 Lagniappe brought their offerings for Notting Hill You can see all the pictures from this event here >  Lagniappe Mas == Utopia …Read More

Do You Take Your Kids to Notting Hill Carnival?

For many of us ‘Carnivalians’ we were brought up in carnival. I couldn’t be more of a carnival baby. My parents met in carnival then had me (not a result of carnival day, don’t be so damn cheeky). I’ve been at carnival in costume every year since birth, attending even …Read More

What’s Going on at Berlin Carnival 2015

After all the uncertainty Berlin Carnival 2015 is 100% on. GRAB YOUR UK SOCA SCENE BERLIN CARNIVAL 2015 TOP NOW! The dates are Thursday 21st May – Monday 25th May. The main two Caribbean inspired mas bands are Carnival Fever and Carnival Explosion. Both mas bands are very experienced with …Read More

Vincy Alliance 2015 Band Launch Costume Review

Hey people, its your girl Kami McSassy, I am very excited to say its officially Band Launch season!!!! For those of you who are like me, know this time is critical for those looking to jump with a band. You’ve probably got a list of bands you would like to …Read More