Renee Campbell

Renee Campbell is a student of the social sciences and arts, who plans to specialise in politics.

Her interests include writing, cooking, martial sciences, photography and all things soca.

When Renee is not pouring pints she is singing, screeching and dancing to soca.

Renee loves to travel and has a passion for the Caribbean, so you can imagine where she ends up the most. When in the islands her only focus is rum, family, beaches, rum, swimming, eating, rum, liming, feting, rum, playing mas, playing jab, rum and of course carnival! She is currently enjoying taking on new projects with us and hopes to keep producing in the future.


The new up and coming soca star taking the UK market by storm. In this article, I offer an exclusive ‘meet and greet’, with the budding young artist. Born in San Fernando Trinidad, raised between Marbella and Birmingham England, this artist really is the best of both worlds. Get to know she… Her mum ... Read More
22nd December 2017Renee Campbell


There is more to choosing the 'right' carnival costume than it may seem. We all take into account the basics in our selection process; durability, realistic fit, colour scheme, options and most importantly price. So I want to cover some lesser regarded variables, such as reputation, vibes, fun mas, food and ... Read More
28th April 2017Renee Campbell


We have all been out, and that guy walks past with a top quoting your favourite song, or your favourite catchphrase and you think to yourself, where the hell did he get that from? And why in the hell don’t I have one? Luckily for you, I have found some ... Read More
3rd February 2017Renee Campbell


I am sure it has been made clear in my bio that I’m a lover of rum. Rum truly does make the world go round. When it comes to soca or carnival, what you beating? Rum! So to help you guys out this amazing rum connoisseur has put together a list of ... Read More
26th January 2017Renee Campbell


There is no question that the UK Soca scene is blowing up. From the expansion of Notting Hill carnival to the phenomenon, that is socasize. But, if you are new to the world of soca then it’s tricky to know where to start, lucky for you I’ve put together a ... Read More
17th January 2017Renee Campbell