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Future Styles. You have probably seen them about. You may even have been caught in their lenses, but who are they and what are they doing for the soca scene in the UK and beyond?

Furture Styles: We are a group of friends, some of us going all the way back to college days, who came to the UK and decided to expose the party scene to friends in Grenada.

We started with some “After Fete Reaction” (interviews) and small Notting Hill Carnival clips on a camcorder and mobiles in 2005/6. Over the years improving our skills and equipment to now where we have a great understanding of providing what the people want to see through the lenses of our cameras and doing so every time we switch on the power buttons.

In essence, we bring exclusive content, music, carnival entertainment and culture from the Caribbean to London and back again.

The main group members, at least in the London crew are:

  • Aaron aka Real-Kayak [photographer/ photo editor]
  • Vin-Su [interviewer/ video editor]
  • Ross aka Keyz


Future Styles have created some of the best videos for Notting Hill Carnival. It’s great to see a team of soca loving, carnivalholics with video skills giving their skills back to the soca loving community.

You should go and check them out. You can find them on Facebook and YouTube.

In the mean time check out some of their videos.



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We gather as much soca information as possible for you to devour, like and share.
Our aim is to build a solid platform in the UK for our Caribbean culture to shine via the music. Find us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.


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