The Upgrade of Swappi 4D


The Upgrade of Swappi 4D

He is a maverick upon himself and does not conform to the norm.  He is without a doubt a trendsetter, not pretentious and surprisingly exhibits an air of humility. Upon encounter, he emanates a quiet disposition about him. However you cannot fail to notice the brazen character that dwells within him, coupled with that original, sated deep throated laugh. He is without a doubt Marvin Davis aka Swappi 4D!

Many may only know Swappi 4D, as an artist from Trinidad, Port-of-Spain  recently thrust into the mainstream spotlight through his 2011/12 hit socks ‘Bucket’, Bubble on a DJ and Mi Nah Go Play to name a few. This is without a doubt, a false representation of his journey as a solo artist to date. Born Marvin Davis, he started out his journey as a singer whilst at Secondary School and later moved on to be part of a duo called Colony. In 2006, as part of the hit television series, Synergy Soca Stars, Swappi came third in the run ups and it is, at this juncture in his life that the steep road to recognition came into play.

His journey as an artist has not been easy to say the least. However he can credit himself for having graced the stage with the likes of Beenie Man, Machel Montano, Destra Garcia, Patrice Roberts and Shal Marshall. 15 years it has taken him to break through, but it has been a worthwhile journey that has seen him being recognised as an emerging star and one to watch.

With his uncanny ability to move the crowd, undeniable energy, futuristic dance moves and not forgetting his unique vocals, it is befitting that he has upgraded himself to the fourth dimension. 2012 has been without a doubt a year for Swappi. We can only look forward to future instalments from the man that has pioneered a basic household utensil an important tool that could be utilised for almost anything, especially that so needed ‘bachannal’ thirst quencher.

Check out our first interview held with Swappi in his first ever UK appearance at Poison UK Mas Launch 2012.

*Please note due to excessive background noise, the sound appears low*

Here is the link our review of Swappi’s first ever preformance in the UK > Poison UK: Launch of Carnevale De Venezia Review

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