Summer Of Colour: Purple Passion Review – 23rd June

I have never seen so many different shades of purple in one place at the same time.

The Summer Of Colour concept is simple. Fetes created around summer time with bright vibrant colours as the focus.

A different vibe is always created when you add a theme to an event. People generally have to think more / spend more on their outfit for the night. This leads to them wanting to gain more from the event. More fun, more vibes, more value.

The Summer Of Colour is brought to us by 3 of the UKs best soca djs.

  • DJ Tate
  • DJ Tryone
  • DJ Bliss

The DJ talent and experience between these 3 djs ensure a night of great music and plenty vibes.

Purple Passion did not disappoint.


The Venue: The Fleetwood Bar. Located near the Barbican in Central London. This Bar is a new venue to the soca scene and I must say that I like it. Its not huge, but at the same time its comfortable and well placed.

The Music: A mixture of everything, Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Rnb and Hip Hop. In my opinion there should have been more soca, however what was played was appreciate by the crowd.

The Crowd: The numbers could have been better, but for a launch event the turn-out was good. Most of the ‘fetters’ followed the purple dress code, some even had purple shoes.

The Vibe: Appreciative. It was refreshing to be in a new venue listening to songs which you don’t usually hear. Through every genre of music that was played the vibe was high and rocking.

All-In-All: I can’t wait for the next instalments. Summer Of Colour has a lot more to offer and I for one won’t be missing them. A clever concept by some of the future leaders of the soca scene in the UK. Good work guys, see you at the next one.



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