Socaholic Review – 27th April 2012


Socaholic Review – 27th April 2012

Socaholic well and truly kicked off with a great event.

Let me take the time to say well done to the Socaholic team. It’s not easy launching a new soca night and launching one outside of London only makes it that little bit harder, however Socaholic got off to a great start.

We will continue to support Socaholic events. If you missed this one you won’t want to miss the next one!


The Venue: is huge. Rabz is the name of the place. It has 2 floors and can more than cater for the need of the soca community. They need to get a sound engineer in to set up the sound system correctly as filling such a huge place with high ceilings takes a lot more than just throwing in speaker boxes. However the music could be heard and this did not stop the vibes form flowing

The Music: played by some DJ’s which were new to me and some I know well:

  • Martin Jay
  • DJ Chris Vee (Firin’ Squad)
  • DJ Mastic
  • DJ Freeze
  • Maad Pineapple

They played well. They knew what the crowd wanted to hear and they supplied it to them. It was refreshing to hear some hits which some DJs seem to have forgotten all about.

The Crowed: slow starters. I don’t know if many of them had been to a soca event before. There were curious looks on some of their faces. This soon changed! As the night progressed and people became more comfortable the true vibe of soca appeared and it was great to see.

A mixed age group as it is with most soca events. Old and young enjoying the culture together.

The Vibe: turned from people standing around the sides to people rolling around on the floor in the middle of the venue. It’s hard to keep a soca vibe contained. The change in the vibe was helped by the show which the local dance group MDA:Raw put on.

The Show: well choreographed, well timed and well presented. I believe the dance show was the turning point of the night. (Perhaps more promoters should look into booking dancers for their events).

All-In-All: a great launch. We look forward to see YOU at the next Socaholic (which I think is in June).

Here Is The MDA Raw Dancers In Action



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