Soca Frenzy: School Uniform Fete Review – 14th Sept 2012

Sexy soca people and school uniform makes for guaranteed vibes.

The monthly soca beast that is Soca Frenzy continued in true Frenzy fashion and that fashion was School Uniform.

Simple themed events always work on the UK soca scene. It gives people a chance to put on something different, act a little bit different, which leads to creating a different vibe.

This was one of the first big fetes since Notting Hill Carnival. People were rested and fully charged for fetting but their timing was off!


Frenzy didn’t pick up pace until 1:30am. This is ridiculous people. Why waste a whole night of fetting? What’s the excuse. Trying to be ‘fashionably late’? If we all think like this we will start turning up to the event 30 minutes before it ends. Arrive early, take in the whole night. No one is watching how ‘fashionably late’ you arrive. No one cares!

The Music – To it’s usual high Frenzy standards. The award winning DJs had the place rocking. It was good to hear one of the latest mixes by UK soca producer Soca Child being played. Even Tim Westwood (who was in the building) was rocking and appreciating the vibes.

The Crowd – Ready for it. Despite the late start.

The Vibe – The words wukkin-up stink spring to mind. It would seem Frenzy is the no-holding back fete. It is good to see people just ‘let go’ and enjoy themselves.

All-in-all – 8/10 Soca Frenzy. It was a good night, with good music played well by great DJs. The next one is 12th October. Make sure you don’t miss it.



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