Soca Frenzy: Santa Wear 2012 Review

Merry Christmas to all was the order of the night.

Soca Frenzy upgraded Santa from a oversized, old, stuffy guy into a team of sexy ladys all dressed up in red and ready to take on his roll. Not only was there Santa wear, for the exclusive VIPs there was also the opportunity to dress up in Ann Summers Wear and take part in an Ann Summers party (a great idea to combine the two).

By now you all know that Soca Frenzy is one of the biggest, monthly UK soca fetes. They go from strength to strength every month growing the UK soca scene every month along with them. They do this by providing a stage for international soca artiste to preform on in the UK. They give this same stage to the UK soca artistes in equal measure.

Now, I Support UK Soca. It has come along way and is improving and growing at a rapid rate. It was good to see so many other UK fetters also supporting UK soca last night. Muzik Lil Muzik, Ms Desire and Natia preformed for a packed, appreciative crowed. I believe we are probably the fastest growing soca scene at the moment. With the continued support of all of us (soca lovers) we can have a productive, profitable, enjoyable scene in no time at all (I know this is something that we all want).




Muzik Lil Muzik - Ms Desire - Natia Daniel

The Performance – Muzik Lil Muzik
The powerful voices of the MLM sisters filled Scala with vibrant Caribbean tones this was also backed by their energetic dancers non-stop well rehearsed routines. The Frenzy crowed was engaged and responsive to the well polished performance. Its clear to see MLM take their music and stage show seriously. The precision choreographed dance steps to a great MLM sound track showed dedication and the quest for perfection. I can’t wait to see what MLM have in-store for us in 2013.

The Performance – Ms Desire
Ms Desire is one of the hardest working UK soca artistes and all her hard work is paying off. She put on a Confident, mature, global performance. Weaving between classics from the soca scene to her own huge hits not even a few technically difficulties could put her off her. She was tuned in and Ready Fuh It. She also gave back to the scene by bringing on new up and coming UK soca artiste Natia.

The Performance – Natia
What a great voice Natia has. Gracing the Frenzy stage for the first time she took to it well. She performed her latest tune Carnival Time which was well received. With our support and her dedication we will have another great UK soca artiste very soon.

If you thought that just because Soca Frenzy is putting on a big show in Montseratt at the end of this month their UK monthly fete wouldn’t be as good as it normally is, you were wrong. Very wrong. The vibe was hype, the view was a sea of red festive sexyiness. The award winning djs played some exceptional sets. If you missed it you missed out big time. If you were there, good on you. Keep on supporting UK soca.



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