REVIEW: M2K Launch presents: Atlantis…The Lost Paradise


REVIEW: M2K Launch presents: Atlantis…The Lost Paradise

The myth awakens…The legend of the lost city of Atlantis has tantalised archaeologists and scientists around and many have tried to successfully locate the lost paradise to no avail. In one swoop and at the strike of his trident, the legend of Poisedon the Greek God, ruler of the sea imposed in visioned aesthetic form descended upon the venue hosting Masquerade 2000’s band launch.  In what could be termed as a turn of events the security alarm suddenly shrieked in the middle of the night, shattering the musical atmosphere surrounding the venue and attendees, giving evidence of the discovery of the lost city and earth quaking presentation dropped by the band’s launch and designs.


Date: 6th April 2013

Event: Masquerade 2000 Band Launch. Atlantis: The Lost Paradise

Venue: The Last, Athene Place, 73 Shoe Lane, London

Music: With music provided by DTee, Danny D and CJay, undoubtedly you knew you were in for a good musical ride. Dropping a diverse playlist that included majority of old and new soca hits, remixed into jungle and dance and not forgetting the remixed Major Lazer Differentology mix, this was no ordinary fete with your usual predicted hits. Shout out to the Shaker Bros who not only blazed a trail with their dance moves, putting Diversity Dance Group to shame, but gave us a first class lesson in dancing the Azonto dance to soca, proving it wasn’t a dance fad reserved for the southern hemisphere.

Crowd Vibes: Despite a low turnout, the vibes presented on the night were nice coupled with supportive family and friends who had come out to see the launch. Those in attendance strived to make the most of the night, but it was the younger generation who turned the dance floor into a frenzy, making the most of the music and the atmosphere provided.

IMG_0485Costume Launch: It was a band launch executed in choreographed finesse and precision. Upon entry, guests were treated to the Shaker Bros dancing to soca music on roller skates, paving the runaway leaving remnants of their skate marks trailing in their wake and a plume of faint smoke brought on by the whizzing and whirring of the roller skates wheels. With an enthralling entrance choreographed by Ruben P Joseph, the coral reef descended on the venue floor with costumes designed by four young emerging designers. There is a big difference between ole’ mas and pretty mas and staying true to their ethos, there was an evident storytelling at play. With the younger generation at the forefront of the designs, the future of ole’ mas is here to stay and this is what they had to present:

Section Floralia: lush in vibrant colour, the first section presented the green goddess of vegetation and fertility in celebration of the festival goddess Flora.

Section Guardians of the Deep: this was colourful aesthetic beauty brought on by maturing artisanship. The colourful section, elaborate and ornate in design was designed to represent the protectors of Atlantis. Appointed by Poisedon to protect the great empire above and below the ocean, this was definitely the stand out and ultimate costume.

Section Marianas: representing the wondrous sea life of Atlantis, this was the best representation of the rich coral reef surrounding the lost paradise.

Section Celestial Nymphs: representing a bevy of young beautiful maidens who love to dance and sing these were the divine spirits who animated nature during the great existence of the legendary powerful evolved civilisation.

Section Oceanus: portraying the great water encircling the world including oceans, rivers, springs and rain clouds, this section represented the different blues and textures, depicting the sea in its various colours and forms.

All-in-all: M2K are well known for their elaborate high quality designed pieces. With a low number of people in attendance, the night could have been better overall, however this should not deter and take away the effort and work put in by the band and designers. With impressive designs and mixed positive feedback, this was not your usual standard masquerade band launch. New models who participated in the show itself had glowing accounts of their experience, exclaiming in delight that NHC 2013 with M2K was going to be a great carnival experience. To sum it up, fantastic, spoilt for choice, very good and lovely were the words echoed by the attendees.

For further information visit: website: |email: [email protected]

Here is the video of the band launch and interview held.





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