Poison UK: Annual Wet Fete Review – 7th July 2012


Poison UK: Annual Wet Fete Review – 7th July 2012

Its would seem the soca scene has fallen in love with foam.

Poison UK’s annual Wet Fete was ram-jammed full of foam thirsty soca fetters.

We arrived very late due to capturing the vibes at previous events. So we can only review on what we experienced while we were there.

After queuing for way too long at 2:30am we got inside and was confronted with a wall of heat. People were soaking wet from either the foam or from sweat.

Avoiding ‘wettness’ was impossible!

The Wet Room: DJ Crown Prince (from Miami) was on the decks with Vinny Ranks on the mic, they had the wet crowd in a frenzy. Back-in-times classics where pumping in full force, these were cleverly mixed with more recent bangers which sent the high crowd higher (made me wish we had got there earlier).

To get from one end of this room to the other end wasn’t an easy task. The foam gun wasn’t the most powerful I have seen but it covered 50% of the room which was sufficient.


Blasted Smoke Machine! Why these are still being used in night clubs is beyond me. They went out of style along with Betamax videos. They add zero value to any event, while making it difficult to see and more importantly effectively capture all the bacchannal. Needless to say we didn’t get all the photos we wanted to.  (I’m gonna set up a campaign to get rid of them from all clubs, cha).

The Veune: Fire, London. In all honesty I am not actually sure it was Fire. It would seem there are a few clubs which can merge together to form one or more clubs. All I know is we didn’t go in the Fire entrance. However the venue has many rooms. One main wet room with the rest (3 I think) being dry rooms. The sound system in the 2 main rooms was powerful which is always a good thing.

The Crowd: Came out to get soaking wet and carry on stink (some took that last bit literally).

The Vibe: Non-stop pressure from start to end. I guess being wet does bring out the wildness in people.

The Music: In both rooms was top-notch. Poison UK selected the right DJs to entertain their crowd.

All-in-all: I will be getting there earlier next year. This is definitely an event for your calender.


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