Las Wuk – Triniboi Joocie 2016


Imagine. It’s 4am …or 5am…or 6am… Drink still flowing, music still pumping, waistline still rolling; adrenaline, music and rum fuelling a vibe like no other. We all know the scene. But we all know the fete can’t last forever. And nobody wants to go home. But what’s the alternative?

Take the party elsewhere…anywhere! As the Moon and Sun swap shifts, tighten your grip, let the sweat drip, and float away in the sounds of Triniboi Joocie’s euphoric groovy offering for Carnival 2016. Take to the streets, wine on a streetlamp before the amber light fades with the breaking of dawn.

A fusion of styles and influences to take soca music global; Last Wuk transcends borders and musical barriers. Las Wuk is a first-time Trinidad/UK collaboration: written by Akeem “Preedy” Chance, produced and Mixed by Anson Soverall (the team behind 2015 hit “Away”) Master by Nikholai Greene and performed by Triniboi Joocie (the reigning UK Soca Monarch and Road March King). “I fetting til I drop” #LasWuk

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