Bunji Garlin…The Undisputed Viking of Soca Music


Bunji Garlin…The Undisputed Viking of Soca Music

….and Caribbean’s Respected Ambassador!

In 1519 AD, a small army of invaders led by the Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortes brutally attacked and destroyed one of the richest empires and greatest warriors of the time, the Aztecs.



493 Years Later…

It was the break of dawn and the mist was slowly ebbing, giving way to the first rays of sunlight that lazily streamed through the abyss that surrounded the atmosphere.  Against the backlit of the streets of Arima, the stirrings of fervour could be felt trickling through the atmosphere and a sense of the unknown slowly pervading the souls of those who had been waiting. From the confines of the dark, regal in nature and persona, emerged the Viking voyageur, the Spaniard, ready for reconquest and lyrically going where no man had gone before.

There are a few things in civilisation that mankind has come to revere and none so than the art of combining vocal and instrumental sounds. Music in its entirety beats an untold, unconditional love within the soul and whilst one may be a fan of one too many genres; there is one particular genre of music that beats louder than the rest. Soca music in its varied stages of evolution, words sung and instruments used, simply is the world’s answer to a musical paradise journey and an untold ecstasy fuelled high experience. However there is always something beyond, that catapults the experience further and it is often the accompanying lyrical delivery that intensifies and renders the mind and soul to lunacy.

There are a few chosen ones who walk this earth who are undeniably known for the best in what they do and surpass imagination with the creativity and intellect that lies behind them. Bunji Garlin is the undoubted lyrical acrobat, who at his best is famously known for splicing and slicing words with the finest skill of a conjurer and effortlessly marrying them together to form a priceless masterpiece of infused lyrics against a dancehall or soca infused beat. Looks aside and hearts still palpitating at the mere sight of him with or without locks and a swaggerlaced wardrobe, this is a man that was blessed with the uncanny ability to fuse words together and in his grasp holds the most revered art form of all in music. Through his apparent intelligence, acute sense of being, consciousness and positive outlook on life, it is no wonder why that he still reigns and is undoubtedly the Viking of Soca and the Ambassador of the Antilles region.

A clip of Bunji freestylin’ @ Berlin Carnival 2012

Continuously spitting fire and prepared for the war ahead Bunji has retained his stronghold on the soca music scene and 2012 has been no different. Having dropped his 2012 album,’ iSpaniard’, this year has seen the artiste on form and displaying the versatility of his material through well known hit songs such as ‘Born Ready, Tun Up, and the captivating ‘Irregular’ to name a few. It is however his early 2013 offering that has propelled a cosmic shift in the one to watch for in 2013 and through the impressive and notable lyrical delivery, our souls are on fire.

Certainly alongside the Asylum Family, Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons- Alvarez are more than ready for the road and ready to propel us on a musical intergalactic journey, travelling faster than light and without any advance warning teaching us a thing or two.

2013 Songs on the playlist….

  • ‘Differentology’ – MAD!!!! *****

….Stirs untold emotions, only beknown to kindred spirits….

  • ‘Touchless’– DELIVERED IN 1ST KLASE LYRICS & STAGerringly MADDERIFIC… ****

….Where do I begin…..?Just listen to the track, in the words of the Spaniard, it means that I am professional now, long time me cross finish line while you lining where the start is now…..


Rightly and proudly justified like a flamingo, the Spaniard warrior says it as it is and in the process bears witness of his outstanding ancestral lyrical journey and lingo….

  • ‘Stages’ – “I am known as the Viking of Soca”…RIGHTLY SO! ***

….With the eerie sounds of a phantom lurking somewhere, we vibising with Bunji on a heartfelt journey….yes the music we love…


…Right confession time, before this song played, one had never heard of the term warp speed, until Bunji took us on a scientific journey and lesson. From 2012 and with a quantum leap to 2068, imagine a place where soca plays all night AND INTERNATIONALLY. Going where no man has gone before and certainly on a lyrical journey, Bunji takes us on a galactic journey, infusing scientific knowledge, ironic comparison to unity in T&T and a dream for a soca….imagine….

  • ‘Send Woman’ – ….growing, jury and verdict out at the moment


  •  Good Oye’ – woi…..its girl’s time. Question? Who run by obeah man and who fight for people man?……Talk nah***


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