Bikini Vs Shorts: The Foam Fete Clash Review – 6th July 2012


Bikini Vs Shorts: The Foam Fete Clash Review – 6th July 2012


And I didn’t go under the foam machine.

This was the first time I have seen Euphoruim so packed. Bikini and Shorts was the correct attire to deal with the heat which was inside The Foam Fete Clash.

I am not a huge fan of Soca Vs Dancehall events and heres why.

Although they are both music genres from the Caribbean they do not both carry the same vibe. Soca is 90% happy music. Dancehall has many ‘moods’ to it with maybe only 10% being a happy mood.

(btw I love my dancehall)

This makes the clash ‘unfair’. Happy Vs Moody, on paper HAPPY will always win. Dancehall complements soca in a fete and vise-versa. Putting them against each other makes for a fete with many ‘mixed emotions’ ha.

A more interesting clash would be Hip-Hop Vs Dancehall and Funky House Vs Soca.


So I and everyone else who attended last Bikini Vs Shorts last night got soaking wet whether we wanted to or not. The sweat was dripping off the walls and it was unavoidable. This alone is a testament to how good the vibes were.

The Foam Machine was situated in the back room of Euphorium. It was huge and easily covered the room with foam. Which the crowd appreciated.

The Fete Clash was in my opinion won by Soca. (I must say at this point I didn’t stay to the end, but I saw the first two rounds and soca won it via crowd response quite easily.)


The Venue: Euphorium in Acton. A good choice of venue for this event. Both rooms were occupied. The foam room and the dry room.

The Crowd: Came out in their Bikini and Shorts in their numbers. The event was packed.

The Vibe: Both rooms had a good vibe. There was a delay in starting the clash in the foam room. This lead to people getting a little bit frustrated, but once it started the vibe was renewed and the bacchanal started back.

The Music: All the DJs did very well to entertain the masses. The music was mixed with all the latest and old school urban tracks.
The DJs in the clash…

  • Mr Mention (Soca Mafia) VS Invasion Crew
  • QT 2hype (2hype Movement) Bang Radio VS DJ Quincy (Quincy Sound) Choice Fm
  • DJ Bliss & Mr Stitch VS Killa Contrast (Feat. Stinger – Beat Fm)
  • DJ Bones (2hype Movement) Vs Jai CB

all came well prepared with the ‘specials’ and dubplates. This made for some interesting listening.

All-in-all: The turn out was better than expected. The concept (Bikini Vs Shorts, Foam and sound clash) worked well. I congratulate the promotion team who put this event on (E& E Promotions, Mixx Vybz and 2Hype Movement) and I look forward to more of their events in the future.


See Mr Mention (Soca Mafia) Repping for Soca


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