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UK Soca Artsite – Dee Vine

DeeVine has been singing and performing since the age of 8.

Her love for Soca saw her burst onto the sight of the UK Soca Scene in 2011, where she has been making waves on the Soca and Reggae scene, after realizing that life was to short and it was time to follow her dream…..After recovering from a tragic incident which changed her family and her life, dramatically.  DeeVine knew she had to stop hiding in the background; it was time to stop being known as the shy girl and show case her natural talent for singing, song writing and dance!

Born in London but raised in Barbados from the age of 6, DeeVine became a member of a soca band Hide & Seek in the late 1990’s for a short period of time.  During her secondary school years she formed a dance group with a friend and created the choreography, performing at school concerts and local shows, she was also a model for Sparkles Modeling group.  Before returning to London to continue her studies as a Registered Nurse, during that time DeeVine entertained a love for sweet sweet soca, reggae and dance.  Originally an RnB singer, she made her first attempt to write a Soca track producing single ‘Tease Dem’ getting great reviews then later produced Sweet Love (reggae), both gaining rave reviews.  She decided to dedicate her love and passion to writing and singing to her music solely.
DeeVine was inspired by Whitney Houston, Alison Hinds, Mary J Blige, Bob Marley and Gregory Isaacs in musical genres such as reggae, RnB, Calypso, Gospel, bringing her closer to writing and recording across genres with her deep West-Indian influences.

DeeVine has so far performed in many Cities in England such as Reading, Birmingham, and Luton etc….  Choreography of all her stage performances are done by her solely. Upcoming performances have been set for Toronto and New York, Miami and across the Caribbean, where she is currently working with producers and promoters, with collaborations with a few well known Artistes, who will be featured on her upcoming album which is set to be released in October 2012.
DeeVine feels that soca music can go much further on the UK Scene than it has over the years, her dream is to be that pinnacle for success on an international scale to touch all cultures with the beauty of Soca and Reggae music. This is more than just an ambition, it’s an invested project.
DeeVine has worked effortlessly over the years performing and recording to captivate her fan base, she has even won over the hearts of a whole a cruise ship of Foreigners with her Soca single ‘De Stress’, the same song was showcased in the 2011 UK Soca Monarch competition, which DeeVine hopes to enter again this year.

Her 2012 soca track ‘In Ah Circle’ is currently No. 2 in the Socanews UK Chart.  The song is also a big hit within parts of USA and Canada.  DeeVine is set to return to Canada later this year to perform in Toronto and Montreal.


will be DeeVine’s 3rd release for 2012 carnival session, with two more soca releases to come. The Hot Wukk soca with a bashment feel was Written by DeeVine and produced by Combination Studios. A combination of three individuals that bring their own style and expertise from across the music industry with a mixture of caribbean flavours.

DeeVine wrote SIT & WINEE With the concept of just “Pure Wining” in mind with women taking control. DeeVine also expresses some of her reggae roots, producing the Ragga Soca sound on the track. DeeVine Says,’Working with combinations studios has given her a boost of confidence to express herself more through her passion which is music.

Look Out For More Hot Tunes From DeeVine.

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