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A natural musician with a deep passion for Caribbean culture and an undeniable ability for writing songs. A man whose pride and joy is the buzz he gets from good music. A man who has proudly embraced his Dominican heritage and used it to navigate his way to the top of UK soca. Soca Johnny is characterised by high energy music, authoritative & provocative lyrics topped with adrenalin fueled punchlines.

Born John David in London UK, Soca Johnny migrated to the Caribbean at a very early age. At the age of 17, Johnny returned to the UK to further his education. He earned a BTEC National Diploma in Electronic Engineering at Hammersmith & West London and a Bsc degree in Mobile Communications at Westminster University. Johnny also became a member of the Mangrove Steel Orchestra of West London. So evident was his passion, love and dedication to Caribbean music/culture that within a few weeks John David was christened ‘Soca Johnny’.

Originally ‘Johnny D’ was a dancehall artist but, his heart was always moved by the sound of the islands. Thus, by the mid 2000s, London’s  Caribbean community welcomed a new artists to the scene. By 2008 he generated his first local hit ‘Drunk Tonight’, a crowd favourite to this day. A tune that earned him the award ‘SMA best UK Male Soca Artist’.

In 2010, after teaming up with UK producer Soca Child, Johnny made history by becoming the UK’s first ever Road March King and the 2010 UK Soca Monarch King, with his smash hit ‘Madness’.

He has also collaborated with soca artists Mr. Dale, Stabby Di Guard and Soca Empress. His upcoming single ‘Lets Do it’ is already receiving high praises from previews.

More music, his debut album, more smash hits, only the future can tell what is in store for this talented artist. One thing is sure, Soca Johnny has only scratched the surface of his capability. Look out for this artist, the ‘BIG man’ of UK soca, it’s only a matter of time before he releases an international hit.



Don’t do that: in true Soca Johnny style, this song mixes well articulated, cheeky lyrics with a catchy melody to tell the story of a typical night out. ‘Please Doh do me dat’ highlights the perspective of a young man who falls prey to the seductive techniques of a young lady. From the first line ‘Girl I know you is trouble – but I caar leave you alone’ the scenario of young man’s will to ‘Be Good’ unfolds and is tested to its limits. Just before he concedes defeat he pleads with her ‘Please doh do me dat’

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