Xaymaca Band Launch: Jamaica Carnival 2017

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Xaymaca Band Launch: Jamaica Carnival 2017

Hey friends! Back again with another update from SheSoca in Jamaica!

SheSoca was up and live at the Xaymaca (zah-my-kah) International Costume Launch and cooler fete and we got some highlights of the big night!

Now Xaymaca International is a fresh, hot mas band making its big debut for Jamaica Carnival 2017. We were promised to be wowed by the beautiful costumes they have created and trust me they did not disappoint.

Xaymaca is also changing up the game by partnering with Tribe Carnival which is one of the hottest mas bands straight out of Trinidad. They have combined Jamaican vibes and Trini flavour to create a spectacular presentation.

Xaymaca will provide a premium frontline experience to all their revellers on the road for Carnival Sunday. With a team of young, professional, seasoned, motivated individuals from all over the Caribbean, they are expected to take Jamaica Carnival to new heights this year.

After the presentation of costumes patrons were fetin and jumping up to new 2017 soca hits from Machel Montano Lip Service to Work Out by Kes feat Nailah Blackman and Freaky Girls by Ricky T. The night was non stop vibes with some of the best DJs in the scene right now, DJ Franco, DJ Richie Ras and DJ J Lava. It was a night nothing short of EPIC! Excellent job by Xaymaca International and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. Stay tuned for more as we countdown to the biggest, baddest Jamaica Carnival 2017!

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Don’t forget to log on to Xaymacainternational.com to see full details on all the amazing costumes. Register early!!
Follow them at @xaymacainternational on Instagram and check out Sleek Jamaica on Facebook for more pics from the costume launch and cooler fete.

/ She Soca

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