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Who is The Wassi One?

With Miami Carnival this weekend (9th – 11th Oct) it’s only right that when you think of a strong, independent, powerful sexy woman in the soca scene the one and only Giselle D’Wassi One Blanche comes to mind!

This year will be her 28th year on the road with her mas band the WassiOnes. With her WassiBabes enjoying their carnival this weekend gone, she caters for everyone.


She is a woman of many talents and she handles it like ah boss! She:Soca ladies are hitting up Miami carnival this year and we can’t wait to get on bad with the baddest of them all!

Her energy is off the scale, her passion is too real and her charisma is indisputable. With everything she does and everyone she knows she still manages to be grounded and humble.

For those of you all that don’t know much about Wassi here’s an interview she did with us.

LOL!!! Love the questions! Here we go:

ss-wassi-6001) The name ‘The Wassi One’ was this a name that you created for yourself or was it given to you?

It’s actually THE WASSI ONE. When I started on the radio at MIXX 96.1, I was just Giselle. It was during the Miami Carnival season and I was going on air after Papa Keith… I had my glue gun and some pieces I was working on with me. So as I was entering the studio with my hands filled with all of my mas supplies and he said, “up next, Giselle The Wassi One”… the rest is history!

2) What was it like at the age of 14 leading your own mas band ‘The Wassi Ones’ in Miami carnival?

Honestly, from day one, it felt like I was supposed to be doing this. I have definitely had my fair share of trials and tribulations but overall, it’s a blessing. I have generations of family that participate as well as produce my band. It started as an opportunity for my family and I to congregate our people, especially the ones from NY as we were brand new to Florida at that time. I always wanted to be Queen of the band and what better way than to start my own!

3) What is it like being the God-daughter of two calypso legends, Baron and Superblue? Did they  influence you in anyway growing up?

Let’s start with Baron. He is a natural talent. He would sing while liming, normal, normal. I remember taking his jeans and cutting them up and putting all kinds of accessories and his name on them. Lol. He would actually wear them on stage! LOL! He would always be amazed at how fast I would know all the words to the songs including the ad libs so fast. He would always say, “she go end up in music somehow.” Austin? Hmmmmm… He used to call me Ms. Magic. From day one he said he knew. He said I was born full of vibes… Growing with them in my lives just made my journey through music clearer. Their influence to this day, is love.

4) With legendary Godparents and having met/worked with so many other amazing artists do you still ever get star struck?

I am always in awe of our culture and music… Many of my peers to this day give me goosebumps when I see them perform. I cry when Lyro and Dubois are on stage. Nadie, Ali, Saucy, Destra, Faye Ann, Patrice… These ladies never cease to amaze me… Machel and Bunji empower me… Just some examples. I have known them all for years and they all still blow me away. Do I ever get star struck? Hell yeah!!!

5) As a female in the soca scene how do you juggle being a mother, bandleader, promoter, radio personality, artist and a cultural ambassador?

My basis is family. I am blessed to have one almost everywhere I go in the world. I have an awesome support system in my son’s father, my parents, my in laws and my extended family. I have also been blessed to have my son be with me as often as possible through my resources. I guess because I love what I do, it’s never felt like juggling. It definitely gets overwhelming at times but the truth is, I treat everything like my baby so just like a mother may have 10 children and they all know and live her love and her lessons, it’s the same for all that I do…

6) What advice would you give fellow females looking to venture into the ever growing world of soca?

I don’t necessarily have any advice but I would tell anyone who has a dream, until you take a leap of faith, it will remain just that… a dream. In anything that you do, the key is to eliminate fear and replace it with faith. All that happens during your journey will only strengthen you if you truly believe in your God, your product and your brand. Put in positive. Recieve positive. I never said it was easy…

7) What’s the worst thing that has happened to you on stage? How did you recover?

Boy, hmmm… I was on the mic at a very popular party in NY. I felt something warm on my foot. The DJ who was playing for me had a friend of his on the truck with us who was extremely intoxicated and thought my work space was a urinal. No, I haven’t recovered yet!!!! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

8) What is your favourite stage outfit?

I don’t have a favorite stage outfit per say but I love my heels and shorts!!!!!!

9) Being a mas band owner what are your thoughts on the evolution of mas costumes?

As with all change, some is great and some is not so great. i love the interest that costume designing is generating. I would just love to see more passion, more meaning and more inclusion along with it…

10) If you could describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?

Passionate. Loving. Spiritual.

11) What’s next step for The Wassi One?

Keep Watching!!!

12) Which way do you wine (clockwise or anti-clockwise)?

It all depends on my mood and my partner! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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