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Trinidad: Top Carnival Day Diva Moments

2016-02-09-Carnival-Tuesday-Yuma-86Calling all Carnival Queens. Yes, that’s you…….We at She Soca have had so much fun reminiscing about our sassy moments on the road, we have named these momentsDIVA MOMENT ALERT! Here’s a few we are sure all you goddesses can relate to…

1. First on the list is when you lost in the mix of the mas; hips swaying, cup full, arms in the air enjoying life, when next minute…DIVA MOMENT ALERT! Another masquerader bounces past you. On passing she gets her belt caught on your fishnet tights (which you have managed to keep in tact for the whole day), but she keeps going because she has no idea. So now you’re being dragged along by yuh thigh wid dis women. And yuh ballin “excuse, EXCUSE” and then when you do finally get her attention she looking at you like it’s your fault. Now you have a big ass hole in your thigh.

2. Next up is crossing the stage. You feelin’ every excited emotion in your body adrenaline is at it’s max. You set yourself up in a nice position to just run and mash up de whole stage. When next minute…DIVA MOMENT ALERT! Some women feel she is section leader and tries to push up in front of you normal, Normal. Come nuh girl we ALL wearing backline (you couldn’t afford frontline just like the rest of us). So you tap her on the opposite shoulder and while she’s looking right you dart left and claim your rightful spot. The stage is no joke you know.

3. You’re at the bar and you’ve been waiting for a while you can’t seem to catch the eye of your personal bar tender (the one you appointed in your head yourself). When next minute…DIVA MOMENT ALERT! All you see is hands coming over your head “eh eh rum and lemonade” you turn around to see someone with about 6 cups getting the person in front of you to do get their drinks alongside there own order…and you know fuh sure they don’t know them they just tryin’ a ting. So you have to wait, getting all kind of feathers and headpieces in your face…NO. I’m not gonna help pass them back once they are done. you know you are really vex that you didn’t think of that idea yourself LOL.

4. Carnival Morning you have arranged your pantie, tights, costume pants and belt perfectly in sync. You’ve practised the pelting of yuh waist in the mirror to make sure nothing moves out of line. Everyting set good. Later on, after the barrel of rum I’m sure you’ve consumed (or water because you don’t want to pass out from dehydration), you realise you need the toilet…DIVA MOMENT ALERT! By the time you come to sort it out and nothing is working for you. De pantie digging in, the tights all showing at the top and the belt has turned dotish and doesn’t want to sit right.

5. You reach the Savannah and the tune of the season starts blasting through speakers on the truck. All of a sudden security releases your section on to the stage and you are thrusted into a melting pot of wining, jumping and waving. You’re no longer playing pretty mas, your inner masquerader has come out and you can’t control it.

DIVA MOMENT ALERT! You see a camera in close vicinity so you do the whole ‘look at me I’m playing my mas but not making it obvious I’m looking at you‘. The photographer notices you and makes it straight over. He is snapping pics and you are feeling like Destra/Fayann/Alison. Until he keeps signalling something to you. Your perfectly placed costume is no longer perfectly placed and your fellow masqueraders are getting more then they paid for. You realise so you grab your nearest friend (you don’t care if she is wining on the man of her dreams) to help you readjust off stage.

2016-02-09-Carnival-Tuesday-917. Last but not least now this one always makes me laugh because there is no need for this but it happens. You’re with your crew, you have vibes, you’re laughing, jokes are flying, waistlines are peltin, drinks are flowing and the whole crew are just NICE…when next minute…DIVA MOMENT ALERT! A group of gentlemen come to ‘hook down gyals‘. Look boy I did not pay how many thousand TTD$ for you to mash up these feathers. So if yuh wine ain’t sweet, move from here. After you and your friends escape you realise you had to move out of your perfect spot and now are stuck hitch up together.

If you or your crew have had any of these moments tag them, or comment below!
Let’s relive the memories of the road.

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