Soca’s Baddest Young Female DJ – Twin T


Soca’s Baddest Young Female DJ – Twin T


DJ Twin T is being haled as ‘the baddest young female DJ to touch the sound system’ on the UK soca scene. She entered the music scene almost four years ago as a young female who has a passion for music.

Having the added advantage of being taught by a close family member DJ LS and also working alongside the awarding winning Rampage Mas Cic who are the the numero uno International Touring Band in the UK has resulted in DJ Twin T being head-hunted by several carnival mas band throughout the UK.

It doesn’t stop there DJ Twin T also heads her own radio show ‘Soca Island Vibez Show‘ Saturday’s between 12-2pm on LUR – Luton Urban Radio.

She is also known outside of the soca scene playing at multi-genre functions and events. Wanting to use her experience and knowledge to help, other budding DJs she also mentored DJ Kofie who went on to win Soca Explosion DJ competition 2014. Then In 2015 due to her growing success she was selected to Judge the Soca Explosion DJ competition.

We here at She:Soca want to say a massive thank you to DJ Twin T for giving us this opportunity to get to know her and find out all the goings on behind the scenes of the ever growing young female DJ.

1. How has 2015 been for you so far?

2015 is going very well. There has been a lot more opportunities, projects and events that I was involved in and worked with other talented artists, musicians and DJs. There has been a massive push in the soca industry this year, it’s history in the making and exciting to not only be a part of but to be educated in.

2. Do you feel you have grown since last year as a DJ?

I feel I have grown quite a lot, by listening to previous mixes, radio shows and listening to my audience reviews. There will never be a time in which I can can not continue to grow as a DJ.

3. What advise would you give to budding female DJs looking to get into the industry?

Do not go into industry to compete, be humble – go in the industry;

  1. because you love the music
  2. because you want to make a difference in how you entertain and deliver to your audience and show a new way of how your audience can listen to music
  3. because your hungry, confident, passionate and love what you do.

4. In your opinion do you feel soca music is evolving?



5. What is the better accompaniment to Soca, Bashment or Afrobeats?

This is had hard one to make a final decision on because Bashment and Soca is not an unpopular genres to put together any more it’s becoming a new angle for soca artist. But recently soca and Afro beats have joined together called Afrosoca so again it’s another idea that is becoming a reality and a collaboration artist are looking into that I would like to engage into also.

6. Do you think it is difficult for female DJ’s to succeed in a predominantly male environment?

Yes, difficult because we have to put more work in, to get the same (if not better) results out.

7. What is your tune that when it comes on you can’t control yourself?

Any Dancehall singles or riddims from 1997-2001. But as we’re talking about soca – Aye Aye Aye, DJ ride, Bouyon, most recently Grenadian tunes.

8. What is your most embarrassing moment whilst playing a set?

Touch wood, I don’t recall having any embarrassing moments whilst playing a set yet.

twin-t-029. We know you are a twin, how can we tell you and your sister Kaydean apart?

When people get to know us, they say we are one person split in two. We have different personalities, likes and dislikes but we have much more similarity that sometime confuses people. Just by looks, I am taller, slightly more rounder than Kaydean, possibly more troublesome and outgoing.

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