New Carnival Mas Designer : Shari Original


New Carnival Mas Designer : Shari Original

shari-original-300Hi Shari. For the people that don’t know you tell us about yourself?

I’m of Trinidadian decent so I love meh Mas! I am a wife and mum of 2. I am  very ambitious and creative.

How long have you been designing costumes for Burrokeets UK?

Well I’ve been in Burrokeets now since the very beginning as its a family owned band. I have been designing for the band for 15 years.
I started out just sticking belts etc but had another career, I designed handbags and clothing and a while ago i thought i would take the plunge and try my hand at designing carnival costumes as its always been something I have always wanted to do.


Why did you decide to launch your sections this year?

I suppose I have always respected being part of a great team, that’s where I was most comfortable and making a living with another career, you can lose yourself in the routine.

About a year ago I came to a crossroad in my life and decided to take what I love doing more seriously and took the plunge. Not only to design several of this years costumes, I also came up with this years theme ‘Carnevolution‘.

Tell us more about your sections. What is the inspiration for your designs?

I just simply let my imagination run wild. I always believe in a meaning behind a design the idea was more about futuristic fantasy, using metallic fabrics with feathers and soft flowing fabrics, and of course lots of shimmer!

The word Carnevolution  also comes with a short fictional story, which tells a tale of the people called the Ebonites, Illiminenus and Coppertribe two waring entities, and Fuschia Storm the peace makers.


How has it been juggling the family and making mas?

I suppose its second nature you just find a way of coping, but family comes first!

I don’t mess around in the kitchen either. I will always find time to cook a hot meal and do the domestics, it helps when you have a great partner and family support.

I thank God for that. I schedule a lot of my design work at specific times of the day, also I am a bit of a night owl. that’s when I get really creative. Today women have to juggle a lot and if you are focused enough you can achieve anything you want. I didn’t want to be that woman who uses having a family as an excuse not to achieve, in reality it is a reason to succeed. I want to be an inspiration to my boys, we all have moments of weakness. My mother is my get up and go woman. I want to be that person also.

How did you feel seeing your costumes at the band launch? What feedback did you receive?

To see my costumes being modelled I felt a real sense of achievement and pride at the band launch. A lot of hard work and preparation was put in not only by myself but the whole team. I received great feedback, personally and from the media.


What do you think makes you stand out as a designer?

I am always looking out for new fabrics, anything unique, that can be interpreted through mas, new fashion trends, and of course wearability with a sexy edge, that is what I’m working on to make my designs stand out.

Finally, as a mas designer and illustrator you must already have some plans/ideas for carnival 2016… would you like to give us a little insight?

Ahh well… I’m sketching some ideas a present which I have to keep a  secret for now. Every year I want to keep the standards high and push myself to produce the best I can so watch this space.

/ She Soca

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