Trinidad: Makeup by Alana Villarule- Webster

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Trinidad: Makeup by Alana Villarule- Webster

An important part (for us ladies) of preparing for the road in Trinidad Carnival is our makeup. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting a great makeup artiste – Alana Villarule-Webster. Even though Trinidad Carnival 2016 is over, she is someone to note down for future carnivals. We caught up with her to find out more about her.


mu-alana-v-w-06Hello Alana how are you?

Hi, I’m fine thanks.

Did you take part in carnival this year, if so which band did you play with?

No it was all work, I’ve never played mas actually.

I met you last year when you did my bridal makeup for my wedding in Trinidad (you did an outstanding job, so thank you once again). How long have you been a professional makeup artist?

You’re welcome, this year makes it 4 professionally but I’ve been playing with makeup for the past 10 years.

What inspired you to become a makeup artist because it isn’t an easy career to have despite what people may think?

Nothing is better than doing what you love, most of my time was spent drawing and painting growing up and we all know that makeup is art. My sister was already a professional makeup artist and she taught me a lot. I then received many compliments on how I applied my own and and was encouraged by many to start doing others.

I believe this was the first year of you branching out on your own. How did that feel? Why did you decide to do it?

Yes it is. I must say it was tiring but I also feel a sense of accomplishment as doors are already opening for me because of this move. The decision was made mainly because of my daughter, everything I do now is for her and I’m no longer limiting myself.

I bet the satisfaction that it’s Your business name being passed around now through word of mouth must feel great?

Yes it’s one of the best feelings ever.

With carnival makeup it’s not as easy as it looks. How do you manage to create art pieces with makeup to match the masqueraders costume? When do you know when enough is enough because I would keep going and going until it looked like Christmas all over their face lol?

Lol It’s actually my strong point because I love working with colour and glitter. Honestly I don’t over think it, I had absolutely no looks planned. I always work best when I just go with the flow and be creative. However, you must know when to stop because it’s quite easy to kill the entire look. What works for me is asking their preference because it boils down to their satisfaction and even though it’s more dramatic I ensure that it’s still pretty.


Do you think of makeup constantly even when you’re not doing makeup?

No, I switch to makeup mode only when I’m about to do a job because my daughter keeps me very busy.

What is your favourite style of makeup to do?

Carnival, I must say as I’m allowed to display my creative skills.

We all know how we feel about our carnival and the preparation that leads up to it. Do you think that doing someone’s carnival makeup and doing someone bridal makeup is the same pressure?

Carnival makeup is only challenging for me because of the starting time and the fact that the looks are more detailed so putting that aside it’s a regular client to me and I’m at a point where I’m comfortable and feel no pressure whether it’s a bride or masquerader.

Looking back I know I was a calm but nervous client for my wedding makeup and the trial makeup wasn’t even the one we did on the actual day. But I still remained confident in you, how do you reassure those clients who are extremely nervous and those who are very high maintenance?

Yes I remember it was a completely different look, thanks for trusting me. I always ask my clients their preference before starting so I’ll know if I can go natural or bold. They also have to opportunity to let me know if they disapprove of anything as I’m working. I do advise them accordingly but always see to it that they’re satisfied and comfortable when I’m done.

When I found out you had branched out on your own I said I would support you because when I see talent I can’t help but get behind it. So what is next for makeup by Alana?

Thanks, now that Carnival is over I’m focusing mainly on teaching. I haven’t advertised classes on my business page quite yet, as I already have a waiting list. However, I had a couple classes before carnival which was the 1 day basic and advance.

What’s your 5 year goal?

In 5 years I want my business to be well established and I’m prepared to work very hard for this by learning new skills and constantly challenging myself.

To all the aspiring makeup artists out there what would you say to them?

To aspiring makeup artists believe me it won’t happen overnight but once you work hard, challenge yourself, stay focused and believe in yourself, then the sky is the limit.

mu-alana-v-w-05You also have your own academy. Tell us a bit more about that?

Yes, I’m currently offering 1 day basic and advance classes. It’s being held on weekends only for now (4-5 hrs) Two looks will be covered each and all materials are provided by me for the duration of the class with a certificate of completion. For those interested in registering and for more info WhatsApp or call me on +1-338-0478.

What are the details for makeup by Alana where can we continue to keep updated?

You can find me on facebook (Makeup by Alana Villarule- Webster) and Instagram (makeupbyalanavw)

I see you have a daughter what is her name and how old is she. She is such a cutie?

Thanks, her name is Amayah and she’s 21 months old.

Does she try and get all up in your makeup boxes?

Yes, all the time… she broke quite a few palettes already actually.

Would you like her to follow in your footsteps?

Definitely, I’m building a legacy for her.

How are you finding juggling business women, motherhood and wifehood? Because I do the same and although it is tiring the feeling is like no other?

It’s very hard at times but my daughter gives me the drive to do it all.

Is your husband supportive of your business and future goals?

Absolutely, he’s always there encouraging and supporting me every step of the way.

It’s so nice to see a tight teamstrong family unit. Nothing can be achieved without that.

So true, he’s 1 in a million and it’s always team work with us.

Thank you so much for talking with me I wish you all the success for the future and I will see 6am Feb 28th 2017.

Thanks and the same to you… no problem you’re booked.
Makeup By Alana

Interview by Machaela Huggins

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