How was the Soca Aerobics @ the Tabanca Weekender?


How was the Soca Aerobics @ the Tabanca Weekender?

Today at She:Soca we would like to take a look back at an activity at the Tabanca Weekender that we think was a great success. Here is an interview with Andrea, the instructor of the Soca Fusion, Soca Aerobics classes that took place on Saturday and Sunday. So have a read and find out what it was all about and what people really thought.

tabanca-soca-areobics-03She:Soca – Hey Andrea, firstly congratulations on such a successful couple of classes. So, how did it feel when you were first asked to take part in the Tabanca Weekender with your fitness classes?

Andrea – Firstly I felt privileged to be asked to be a part of the first Tabanca Weekender. Secondly I felt scared but excited for the participants because I knew people would be expecting a typical soca aerobics ‘clap clap whine whine’ workout when in fact I like to push people harder than that. So I couldn’t wait to show them a proper workout and I hope I have encouraged people who don’t normally exercise to start.

She:Soca – Did it take you long to prepare your class content leading up to the weekender?

Andrea – I had to alter the format slightly. In my class we normally workout with light hand weights for added intensity and I find it tones and defines the body quicker. So as I didn’t have hand weights I had to change it so the intensity was still there but without the weights. I also wanted to make it more interactive and fun as it wasn’t a fitness weekender so I knew working out wouldn’t be on the top of everyone’s agenda. I liked the idea of the live DJ for the Sunday seeing as there were so many there! DJ Bones stepped up to the plate and he was fantastic!

She:Soca – How long have you had your own fitness class for?

Andrea – I’ve been teaching classes for over two years and have run Addicted 2 Fitness for the same time. I am my own entity so I work under Addicted 2 Fitness and not for any gym company – although I do teach in gyms also.

She:Soca – So we hear you are a contender in the Miami Pro Fitness Competition on 25th October. How are you feeling about that?

Andrea – I am nervous of course. It will be my first of many. I like challenges and I’ve always wanted to do it. I feel like the time is right. I’m training myself and am learning every day from the training. Just knowing that you can change any body shape immensely from being committed, eating correctly and performing specific exercises is a lesson in itself that I want to show. I am in awe of all the contestants.

She:Soca – Did you feel that the class at Tabanca was received well by the audience?

Andrea – I’ve been overwhelmed by the feedback I have received. I wanted the class to speak for itself. Most of the feedback has been that it’s such a shame I teach classes so far away. So that has given me something to think about. I’m glad the guys came out in force and represented too as the class is designed for both men and women.

She:Soca – Did you go easy on them due to their heavy night before?

Andrea – On the Saturday I took no pity on them – lol! Well that’s what a trainer is supposed to do right? But by the Saturday night even I was partying hard and it took its toll on me by the Sunday morning. So I took it easy on them at first but by the time the adrenaline kicked in 20 minutes into the workout I was back on form and we finished the workout on a high.

She:Soca – Would you do it all again for Tabanca 2016?

Andrea – IN A HEARTBEAT!!!


If you didn’t manage to attend Andrea’s classes, don’t just take our word for how amazing it was. Here is what some of the attendees had to say about it;

Let me start by saying it was a MISSION to get up in the first place while still being intoxicated from the night before…BUT once I did get up it was WELL WORTH IT!!! Not only did I sweat out all the rum (only to top it right back up that same night lol) I felt rejuvenated, challenged and discovered muscles that I didn’t even knew I had! Andrea is an amazing teacher with her easy to follow, friendly approach to soca aerobics and its fun and enjoyable team atmosphere that was created! She is a prime example of why we should be keeping fit (HER BODY IS AMAZING!!!) – That in its self is motivation!

Soca aerobics allowed everyone to feel equal, work as a team, motivate each other and be made to feel like we all can carry on bad and keep fit! It allowed me to work up a sweat and got me even more limber to dance the night away and carry on bad, and I even found myself doing the soca aerobic dance moves in the night fetes (don’t judge me).

I was kinda sad that there was only 2 classes for the weekend. I personally (despite the pain- but it was good pain) enjoyed it that much that i made it a personal mission to find out where her classes are so I could join them… although I do think she needs to travel around…Croydon is a bit far for me!

Overall Soca aerobics brought Tabanca that extra ompft! rather than suffering from a hang over and feeling bloated and lethargic, you left feeling energetic, refreshed and ready for a night of Wuking up! def a HUGE THUMBS UP!
– D’va Rodriques

The class started off slow and did have me apprehensive thinking it was going to be your typical two-step kind of thing but the instructor maintained the energy and it intensified quickly, what I like the most was that she made sure even if you were already able and used to regular exercise and conditioning there were variations for the more advanced too so that you could also be challenged. I’m a dancer and boyyyy it was NO JOKE, glad I attended both days the DJ on the second day was a great addition too! Great class to sweat all that run away, had you feeling fresh for another day of madness!
– Niquelle LaTouche


I found it challenging but really enjoyable. It tackled my main trouble areas (abs, gluteus and thighs). It brought fun and organisation to the weekend for me. Andrea also helped me with stretches afterwards. She is amazing!
– Nicole Natalie

The aerobics class that I attended on Saturday afternoon was amazing. Although I was 15 minutes late it was easy to jump right in. For the first time I could actually say that I enjoyed myself whilst bussing a serious sweat. After the session I felt invincible! And I definitely knew that the class made a difference because the next day I felt the burn from the previous day.
– Marika Noel

Soca aerobics exceeded my expectations. A vibrant, energetic and fun class with great music. Thank you Andrea for helping me burn off the copious amount of alcohol I consumed this weekend…. I felt refreshed after each class.
– Justine

It was excellent!
We were pushed to our limits, plus we were dancing to music we enjoy. It was basic but effective, very effective. The ache the next day was a good ache, it definitely worked. It’s a shame the sessions are only based in Croydon.
– Marcelle

If you live in the Croydon area, you can attend this SocaFusion class every Thursday at 7.30pm – cost £4.

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