Carnival Skin Tip 2 – Glowing

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Carnival Skin Tip 2 – Glowing

Hello again. We are another week closer to Trinidad Carnival 2016 and here is an other opportunity for us here at She Soca to share some products we have found to be great for pre and post carnival day.

Last week we started with the skin facial products. This week we thought we would stay in the same area and move onto pre makeup prep products.


The same rules apply with primers as they do with skin care products it all depends on your skin type. The fabulous thing about this amazing product is that even though it has all the properties as a primer it can also double up as a glowing serum to highlight and elevate the skin, giving it that flawless photoshoot look.

It’s called KIKO Glowing potion perfection

  • Clinically tested
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Non-comedogenic.
  • Paraben Free

It is a fantastic product that absorbs very quickly with its silky and light texture applying to the face feels like a blanket of pearls being layered onto your face.

This products not only moisturises but it smooths the skin ready for foundation application. One of the things we love about it is how with its added shimmer it brightens up your skin instantly. We’re not usually the types who skip out of the house with no makeup on but with this product we have that choice.

Now as we said this is just what we experienced when using this serum.

Not only is it perfect for under your makeup carnival day to add another dimension to your finished makeup but also to use for the UKSS beach lime (3rd February, 11am @ Maracas Beach).

Usually serums have long term properties such as anti aging, reduction of wrinkles etc, but we’re going to be honest we were only concentrating on the initial effects so we’ve commented on that. If you go on into store or online you will be able to see further information on longer lasting benefits.

If you want a product that does what it says then we think you will love this. Lastly, we have found a product that doesn’t break the bank. So another win win situation.

If you have any other skin glowing serums that you feel are amazing then please let us know so we can give those a try. You can never look to amazing.

Let’s all get our glow on.

Written by Machaela Huggins

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