Carnival Makeup Do’s & Dont’s


Carnival Makeup Do’s & Dont’s


We have covered

  • The history of carnival makeup
  • How it has evolved
  • What the masqueraders want to see from bands regarding carnival makeup

We are now going to give you some She Soca top tips of do’s and dont’s for carnival makeup


  • Research which type of makeup would suit you and bring out your best features on your face.
  • Ensure you stick to the colour tones in your costume. Sometimes it’s better to focus on the less obvious colours In your costume so you don’t over power the end result
  • Do some trial runs so that you can amend/tweak/fix things which don’t work. Trial runs also teaches you how long it takes to apply your makeup making sure you aren’t caught short carnival day (because sprinting down Ladbroke Grove chasing after your band isn’t very sassy and sexy lol)
  • Take pictures of your makeup when you have finished your trials. Take pictures from different angles/poses and in different light so you can see how it looks overall
  • Buy some good quality lashes this will always help enhance your eye makeup. And really take the time to look at the lash design because the harsh full on lash can sometimes take over and ruin all the hard work you put in with the makeup. Let’s be honest no one invited daisy the cow to carnival. ?
  • Ensure you set your makeup after you have applied it. Use either setting powder, spray or a cheeky one we picked up along the way, lightly spray hair spray or deodorant, make sure you do this a safe distance away from the face . We can see your faces looking confused right now but give it a try never fails
  • Either buy a long wear lip stick or make sure you have packed your gloss for de road to reapply when necessary. I would personally opt for the long wear because every minute reapplying after every sip will start to get tiresome. And who knows what sweet whine you could miss. Lol

Now onto the dont’s and make sure you take these notes down because if anything these are more important then the do’s


  • Don’t slap on Vaseline and then glitter powder of any colouring onto your face or body and expect to be regarded as any form of carnival queen. That is so 1990’s we let tantie still get away wid this because….well are you going to tell her because I’m not lol
  • Don’t over apply gems to the face, find a pattern and stick to it. Otherwise all that it does is become to much and the prettiness that it is suppose to portray is lost
  • Don’t over apply your foundation because that will then reflect off the sun giving you an ashy complexion and in pictures this will be noticeable. Yes you want it to stay on all day and want a full flawless coverage but there are ways to ensure this will happen without putting on 5 layers of foundation
  • Don’t wear a gold or silver lipstick just because that’s the colour of your costume. It looks awful and does absolutely nothing for the look. Wear a contrasting colour something bright and bursting that will give you more of an effect that overly trying to match your costume. We find hot pinks vibrant reds and as of recent shocking purples always come across well.
  • Don’t use cheap glue to apply your lashes and gems invest in a strong glue dependant on skin tone white or black. There is nothing worst that chipping down the road and feel like your lashes are starting to peel off and you can’t do anything about apart from take both off and ruin your makeup look. Pleases don’t wear the metallic looking lashes they don’t look good at all. Just because they were a £1 from Primark or Claire Accessories doesn’t mean you have to buy them.

Right so there you have it ladies your She Soca Do’s and Dont’s for Carnival Makeup. Like we said before we want everyone this year to be queen of the road. Take notes and make it happen!!

Please keep your eyes peeled for our She Soca video tutorials to help you create the best carnival makeup this year!

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