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Hey friends! Back again with another update from SheSoca in Jamaica! SheSoca was up and live at the Xaymaca (zah-my-kah) International Costume Launch and cooler fete and we got some highlights of the big night! Now Xaymaca International is a fresh, hot mas band making its big debut for Jamaica Carnival 2017. ... Read More
30th January 2017She Soca


Hey friends! It is a new year and you already know that SheSoca is starting it with a bang! What better way than with an interview with one of the most talented soca artistes in the industry; Patrice Roberts. Patrice has been going hard lately, releasing a number of hits for ... Read More
17th January 2017She Soca


Two Weeks. Two whole weeks. That’s how long it took me to finally get over the fact that Ubersoca Cruise has ended! So now that I have gone back to reality I feel like it’s my duty as a Soca junkie to let the world know how E.P.I.C the Ubersoca Cruise ... Read More
30th November 2016She Soca


31st August 2016uksocascene


The ‘H2O’ a cocktail that is ready for the road The new She Soca Carnival Cocktail is ‘The H2O’ - Soca music and the carnival season multiplied by a variety of fruit and herb infused water equals a cocktail that is not just healthy but it is ready for the road ... Read More
10th August 2016She Soca


A new body is not just for carnival its for life! Hello my She Socaers! Over the coming weeks I (Alisa Harewood) am going to be your Virtual Fitness and Nutritional coach, here to guide you through what you need to do to become costume ready for Notting Hill Carnival (NHC). If ... Read More
1st August 2016She Soca


Here at She Soca we love to embrace talent in all areas. With that in mind, we came across a young lady entrepreneur who is in the process of starting a fabulous new business from her passion for travelling and experience in managing big group bookings. Hello Syreeta or can I call you Sy ... Read More
13th June 2016uksocascene



Budding Business Women

Becoming a successful business women takes hard work, passion, determination and drive. The business world is extremely cut throat and can swallow up even the most academic person, let alone being a female in such a male dominated environment. Rest assured we are making huge changes to this every single ... Read More
29th February 2016She Soca


Mas has become such an intense debate on the styles chosen and whether bands cater for all ladies of all sizes over the years. Many females (and males) often spend a while picking something that they feel will be ‘suitable for them’. The horrible reality for masqueraders is that in most situations you ... Read More
22nd February 2016uksocascene


Calling all Carnival Queens. Yes, that's you…….We at She Soca have had so much fun reminiscing about our sassy moments on the road, we have named these momentsDIVA MOMENT ALERT! Here's a few we are sure all you goddesses can relate to... 1. First on the list is when you lost ... Read More
19th February 2016uksocascene