Rotterdam Carnival 2012: Why You Should Be Going

We caught up with Joyce Warner from Triniconnections and asked why should people be going to Rotterdam Carnival 2012.

Who is Joyce Warner?

Joyce Warner is the daughter of the founder of Triniconnection, a true carnival baby. Wife of a socajunkie :

Who are Triniconnection?/ How long have they been going for?

Triniconnection was founded in 1996 by my father Deems Warner and some of his partners who were Trinidadian and one Aruban.

My father went back to Trinidad every year for carnival. Celebrating carnival was a very important aspect of his life and he wanted to share that with the folks in Holland. They started off with “soca parties” which were kept about 3/4 times a year. These soca parties were like nothing they ever experienced in Holland, they were  different, the atmosphere was great and people had fun. They were a huge success.

My father heard about a zomercarnaval that was held every last Saturday in July in Rotterdam. After seeing what it was all about he decided that Triniconnecion should be a part of it. How could you have a carnival without soca music?

Triniconnection’s first participation in the Rotterdam Zomercarnaval was in 2001. The group started off small but with the infectious soca music they rapidly added new members from different nationalities. At the moment our group reflects the multicultural society that we live in with people from Trinidad, Suriname, Curacao, Jamaica, Guyana, Holland, Aruba, Grenada, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Martinique, etc.  Triniconnection hasn’t missed a carnival since then!

My father is no longer with us but I’m sure he’s smiling down on us knowing how far we’ve come since 1996.

When/where did the Caribbean influence start in Rotterdam?

In 1984 a group of Antillean youngsters formed the group “Stichting Antilliaans Zomercarnaval”. The aim of this group was to start a carnival here in Holland just like they had back home. A carnival for everyone to forget their worries and stress and to have a good time. Since then many other nationalities take part in the Rotterdam Zomercarnaval but there is still but one band representing Trinidad.

Do you think Rotterdam carnival could be as big as Notting Hill?

With 900.000 spectators per year I think we are heading in that direction.
Carnival groups from all over Europe come to Rotterdam to participate with us and other bands that are on the road so the potential is definitely there.

We work closely with Poison UK (PUK) from London who bring over busloads of people every year!

Why should people come to Rotterdam Carnival?

People should come to Rotterdam Zomercarnaval to get an experience they will never forget: great music, great company, unlimited drinks and snacks during the parade plus a delicious meal at the end of the parade! And we doh run out!

Another great thing about our band is that you will always meet up with someone you already know; we’re a family band so you’ll never feel alone.

Thank you Joyce. We will see you soon.

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