Why Don’t We Have More Control Over Notting Hill Carnival?

I hope you don’t mind. I’m going to rant a little bit…

Notting Hill Carnival started over 45 years ago.

It had over 1 million people revel in all its glory last year.

It is one of Europe’s biggest events.

It has been claimed that it generates £90+ million to the city of London’s over swelled bank accounts.

Yet every year there is a shadow of doubt over its plans and its actual existence.


You would think that after 45+ years of doing ‘a thing’ it would be able to run like a well oiled machine.

Now, I am speaking as a spectator looking in. I have never been on any carnival committee, I have never been a vocal point for any mas band. So I am only saying it as I see it.

  • I think WE (all who love and live carnival) should have control over carnival.
  • WE should appoint a capable committee made up of people who have expertise in the required areas.
  • WE should suggest the best ways that Notting Hill Carnival should be managed.
  • WE should be informing the necessary councils of OUR plans, not waiting for them to enforce their ‘poorly-thought-out’ plans upon us.

Notting Hill Carnival is a beast. WE need to realise just how powerful it is and come together to build, maintain and grow it in the right way.

There should never be a year that this beasts existence is in doubt.

The many positives that it creates vastly out strip the minute bad that the media blow up and portray. I mean there is more violence in Luton Town on any given Saturday night than there is at Notting Hill Carnival.

If only WE had more control, we would be able to really express our culture to the fullest. WE would be able to attract big sponsors to support, promote and engage with our culture (our culture is big business by the way).

WE would be able guide the media to show the good carnival does instead of the bad.

There is so much WE could gain from having control over our Notting Hill Carnival.

I could probably going on ranting for quite a while, but its time to start thinking of how this could actually become possible.

Where Do WE Start?

First off we need to discuss and agree on whats not working.

Then we need to get rid of it. Whether that be the way things are done or the people doing it. If it aint working, it aint working. Bye, bye.

We then need agree what the future of NHC is and devise a step-by-step plan for US to achieve that vision.

We need to measure productivity and progress of the committee and teams regularly so we know what needs tweaking or re-thinking.

We need to start building productive relationships with businesses and our community. Get them behind the plan, supporting and offering ideas and resource.

(Then again, anything worth having never comes easy.)

Will It Be Worth It?


Can you imagine a Notting Hill Carnival as it should be? Think about that.


You don’t have to agree with me. You don’t have to like my points, but I do want to hear what you have to say. The more we talk about this the quicker we can form a positive direction and take action on it. So TALK UP.  The comment area is all yours.




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