Berlin Carnival 2013: Carnival Explosion Mas Band

The growth of Berlin Carnival is evident. Here is some information on the mas band Carnival Explosion.

In the run up the the 2013 Berlin Carnival we have managed to catch up with Allison who is the band leader for Carnival Explosion. Here is what she had to say.

allison-carnival-explosion1. Hi Allison. You are the founder and Band Leader for the mas band Carnival Explosion. Can you tell us how Carnival Explosion came about ?

Allison: In 2008 some Carnival Lovers from Berlin organized a truck and did a small number of pretty Mas Costumes. After that the demand for more Mas was there – so Carnival Explosion came about in 2009.

2. How many years have you been involved with Berlin carnival?

Allsion: We’ve been involved with doing costumes for Berlin carnival for 5 years. We never had so many Masqueraders like we do this year!

3. Why did you decide to bring out Carnival Explosion this year with its own truck? 

Allsion: We decided to have our own truck because our crowd of masqueraders are getting bigger and bigger. Our masqueraders need room to parade in their beautiful costumes.

4. What makes Carnival Explosion Special?

Allison: Carnival Explosion is dedicated to Mas and we want to satisfy our Masqueraders. We offer them a package to have a lot of fun: beautiful quality costumes, attractive goodies, premium Djs, best security – just an amazing day on the road.

5. As a Mas Band representing the Caribbean Culture, what do you think Carnival Explosion can add to the culture?

Allison: Our concept is “Pure Mas”- no T-Shirt is definitely one way we can add to representing the culture. This year also, our theme is based on one of the greatest Soca legends of Trinidad and Tobago Austin Lyons better known as “Super Blue”. Beside being the biggest Mas Band (in full costumes  we will have also an impressive Saga Boy with us on the road. As long as Carnival Explosion is involved in the Berlin carnival we will keep giving the Berliners and visitors pure culture.


6. What makes Berlin Carnival unique to any other carnival?

Allison: Originally I am from New York and my first Berlin Carnival was in 2006. I was very surprised to see Germans wavin rags and wining. I was so happy to see how Germans embrace my Trini Culture.

7. Do you plan to take Carnival Explosion to any other carnivals? What are you plans for the future?

Allison: Taking Carnival Explosion to other carnivals is definitely something to think about. We are in contact with other bands from other countries. Our plans for the future are simple: We will always have the “Pure Mas” concept and culture will always be apart of it


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