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As a regular masquerader, feter and resident hooligan, I find myself often being asked questions by non-carnival oriented friends about carnival and how it all works. Have you noticed that when your trying to explain carnival, you can't quite put into words your amazing experiences... And more disappointing they just never ... Read More
7th January 2016Kami McSassy


Hi Shari. For the people that don't know you tell us about yourself? I'm of Trinidadian decent so I love meh Mas! I am a wife and mum of 2. I am  very ambitious and creative. How long have you been designing costumes for Burrokeets UK? Well I've been in Burrokeets now since ... Read More
25th August 2015Kami McSassy


Burrokeets Mas Band is one of the most experienced mas bands on the road. With the band being around for decades, it is one of the most known names, especially around seasoned masqueraders. They presented 'Carnevolution' for Notting Hill Carival 2015. The band presented 6 sections on the road this year Illimenus Fuschia Storm Ebonites Copper ... Read More
4th June 2015Kami McSassy


One of the most anticipated band launches for the season was Funatiks and Enigma Vibes mas band presenting 'Ooh la la lay'. I don't know one person that didn't take a look at that theme and think what does this mean? So the intrigue level was on a high. As a band ... Read More
4th June 2015Kami McSassy


It was Euphoria Mas Band's turn to launch their costumes for 2015, and they presented 'Take Flight'. For those who have not seen Euphoria mas band on the road or otherwise here's a little history for you... They were formed in 2012 by 6 like minded individuals with many years of Carnival ... Read More
4th June 2015Kami McSassy


Okay people so a lot of you are asking your friends that same age old question “Who are we playing mas with this year?!” Well not destined to make it easier for you another band have launched their presentation for the road this year. Island Mas presents 'Treasures'. This band is ... Read More
24th April 2015Kami McSassy


Hey People. The battle of the bands is well and truly underway, I hope you've been checking out our launch videos and my reviews to help you pick the perfect band. It's actually a lot tougher than I thought this year so keep tuned for these segments. Personally, this was my ... Read More
18th April 2015Kami McSassy


So it was MaKING Carnival turn to launch their mas for Notting Hill Carnival 2015. I was really interested to see this band as their concept to launching is very different from the norm. MaKING Carnival formerly known as Isis Mas launched a competition to give amateur designers a platform to get their ... Read More
15th April 2015Kami McSassy


Release D Riddim (RDR) released their presentation for Notting Hill Carnival 2015. 'Rise of an Empire' To be honest I'll be very surprised if you don't know who they are but for you select few, here's a little history for you... Release D Riddim is a promotion team that organise events ... Read More
14th April 2015Kami McSassy


Next up in the Notting Hill Carnival 2015 band launch season is Lagniappe Mas with their presentation, 'Tribal War'. “Steeped in the valleys, planes and mountains of the Americas, the Tribes of the Red Man thrived. Great Nations of warriors who fought the courageous fight. In the stillness of wind you can ... Read More
4th April 2015Kami McSassy